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oclvanitygen not compiling

I am trying to compile oclvanitygen because I have an Nvidia GTX 1080 that would most likely be helpful for this. I'm using the Windows Subsystem for Linux with Ubuntu 18.04. I tried this command: gcc oclvanitygen.o oclengine.o pattern.o util.o -o o...

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Bus error (core dumped)

There isn't a single condition that triggers a SIGBUS. Without more details it's impossible to debug this problem remotely. A Bus Error can be indicative of a hardware problem. Check your motherboard and look for bulged capacitors near where the mem...

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How does BIP 39 mnemonic work?

Mnemonics are the private key separated in 12 words which joined together in the very same order produces the private key That is incorrect. A mnemonic represents an entropy that is passed to a PBKDF2 key-stretching function with 2048 rounds of ha...