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Reddit / Etherum Reddit - 3 hours ago

Ethereum Magicians Developer Wishlist

This list was copied from here: wish list support in IDE for atom and more features in Remis and easier options than infura, excited about dappnoe need...

Reddit / Etherum Reddit - 8 hours ago

Mutlisig With Hardware Wallets

Hey so I've been looking around for the best wallet software to make a 2 of 3 multisig wallet using hardware wallets. I've looked around a bit and it seems like gnosis a year ago was the best option. Has that changed? Any recommendations? &#...

Reddit / Etherum Reddit - 8 hours ago

Gas cost for simple contract

If I had a simple contract between two accounts that took 0.5 ETH from the wealthier account and gave it to the poorer account, how much gas would this smart contract require to run? This is just a theoretical example obviously, but I'm trying to...