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CEX.IO crypto trading functionality to be moved to Exchange Plus


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When decentralized exchanges (DEXs) release new versions of the protocol, their users tend to naturally migrate to it. New iterations typically offer more features, while optimizing previous ones. A similar situation is happening with our Exchange Plus.

We introduced it in December 2022 as the next step of our crypto trading vision, dedicated to enriching the experience of our customers. Since then, our users have been increasingly adopting Exchange Plus features, enjoying deeper liquidity, and more advanced trading tools. Perhaps this fast interest stems from the fact some of these features were added based on our community’s feedback. You are the heroes for whom we innovate.

The masses have spoken. In order to make Exchange Plus advantages more widely available across the CEX.IO ecosystem, we’ve decided to provide more straightforward access to them. We believe this is beneficial for our customers, while allowing us to provide even better service.&

What will be updated?

On May 8, we will update the trading functionality on the Exchange App, and revamp the Trade page on the CEX.IO website. Starting from this date, all trading activities, like placing and completing market and limit orders, as well as newly available Stop Limit orders, will be executed on Exchange Plus. Trading on the legacy CEX.IO Exchange product will be unavailable, except for API traders.&

These moves will lead to the following changes…

For CEX.IO Exchange traders who use the website

Customers will need to use the Exchange Plus terminal, instead of the legacy CEX.IO Exchange, to trade cryptocurrencies. To start trading, users need to transfer funds from their CEX.IO account to an Exchange Plus account balance.&

To make this transition smooth, we recently and significantly expanded the number of assets available on Exchange Plus, in order to feature the same suite of cryptocurrencies as our classic Exchange. Furthermore, on Exchange Plus, we will offer a wider spectrum of currency pairs compared to classic Exchange, providing our customers with even more crypto opportunities.

For CEX.IO Exchange App users

Exchange Plus functionality will be introduced in the CEX.IO Exchange App, replacing the legacy CEX.IO Exchange. This will empower our customers to trade 100+ assets with deep liquidity, wherever they go.&

For API traders

CEX.IO Exchange will be available for API trading, with all current features remaining. In addition, algorithmic traders will also be able to access Exchange Plus features, choosing which platform they prefer to use. If you want to explore API opportunities on Exchange Plus, simply generate API keys on a dedicated page.&

Note: We introduced a new fee schedule to better represent evolved functionality.

For users where Exchange Plus is not available

Exchange Plus is currently unavailable in certain countries. We’re working on extending the list of supported regions.&

If your country is not on this list, consider using the Convert service via CEX.IO App, or its web dashboard, to exchange crypto after the update. In addition, you can swap digital assets and fiat currencies via the Exchange tab in CEX.IO Exchange App.

Features that remain available:

  • Instant crypto purchases with cards
  • Sell and Convert features in the CEX.IO Wallet and CEX.IO App
  • Crypto and fiat* deposits and withdrawals

*Availability of currencies and payment instruments depends on your country of residence.&

Prepare in advance

  • On May 8, all outstanding orders placed by non-API users on CEX.IO Exchange will be automatically canceled, in order to perform necessary updates. Orders which are set by API traders will be unaffected. Please plan your activities accordingly.
  • If you haven’t previously used Exchange Plus, check our guides on the Help Centre to start trading fully armed when the changes take effect.
  • After the update, users will need to move funds from a CEX.IO balance to a dedicated trading account on Exchange Plus, in order to perform trading operations. If preferred, you can do so in advance. Learn how here.

Disclaimer: For information purposes only. Not investment or financial advice. Seek professional advice. Digital assets involve risk. Do your own research.

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