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CEX.IO’s domain turns 10! Unleash your imagination and earn crypto prizes


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In June 2013, when the crypto market cap was a mere $1 billion, and “Harlem Shake” dance videos were viral on the Internet, the CEX.IO domain was born. It became the name of our company, and the root of our mission to facilitate exploration of the crypto world.

In celebration of this milestone, we invite you to let your imagination run wild in our Creativity Contest!& &

From June 30 to July 9, 2023, create and share any original content on social media dedicated to CEX.IO and its services, for a chance to share in a 1,000 USDT prize pool.

This jubilant occasion is possible because of the incredible community that has supported us every step of the way. Our comprehensive ecosystem is interwoven with your unwavering enthusiasm, feedback, and creative contributions. And now it’s time for you to shine even brighter!

Prepare your brush, a video editor, a meme generator, or a pencil, and show the entire community what CEX.IO means to you, and how we’ve stayed strong throughout our website’s 10-year journey. If you want, you can go even further, and express your thoughts about cryptocurrencies themselves, and the role CEX.IO played in their adoption.

Don’t know where to start? Maybe you can find inspiration from the winners of our previous Creativity Contest. But no cheating, we expect you to submit work that illustrates your own experience and expression. To land on the honor roll, and become a winner, make sure to follow the instructions below.

How to participate

To become an eligible participant for a chance to win a reward, make sure you’ve joined the ranks of verified CEX.IO users. It’s a breeze. Verification typically takes just a few minutes.

If you’re already verified, great! Then just follow these three straightforward steps:

  1. Create an original piece of content that revolves around CEX.IO, its services, or supported cryptocurrencies (check the full list here).

    Whether it’s a riveting video, a clever meme, an endearing drawing, or a photo of you chilling on the beach with the CEX.IO App open on your phone, the choice is yours! Remember to incorporate the “CEX.IO” name, or our distinctive logo, into your creation (you can take it from here).
  2. Share your jaw-dropping piece of content with the world, by posting it on any social media platform.&

Be sure to include your affiliate link, and an enticing call-to-action (i.e. “Register on CEX.IO to trade #crypto like a pro”) in the content description.&

  1. Submit your content via this form, and our team will meticulously review it.

How to win

In this Creativity Contest, we decided to create just a single category, making the rules straightforward.


  • Content quality and creativity (Max: 10 points)
  • Number of social engagements with the content (Max: 10 points)
  • The number of referrals who registered on CEX.IO using your affiliate link, during the promo period (Max: 30 points)

Users with the highest score will share in a prize pool of 1,000 USDT:

  • 1st place — 350 USDT
  • 2nd-5th place — 100 USDT each
  • 6th-10th place — 50 USDT each

Note: We will announce winners within 21 business days after the end of the promo. Rewards will then be distributed within another 14 business days, after winners have been highlighted.

Anti-creativity reminders

This is not our first Creativity Contest, and we know that community members have a great sense of humor, and put extra effort into their submissions. However, some want to take a shortcut. As a token of respect to diligent users, we want to highlight a few rules, as well as other contest details:

  • Submitted content has to be created AFTER the announcement of the contest. The pieces you’ve created, and published, before the date of this notice will not be taken into consideration.
  • The content must be original, exclusive, and dedicated to CEX.IO. Even if you share a piece about a certain cryptocurrency, it should be one that is available on CEX.IO. Valid submissions contain only your own affiliate link to CEX.IO.
  • The creation must be authored by you, and cannot violate any intellectual property rights. There is no place for “copy and paste” submissions.
  • You can submit as many entries as you want, but you can only win once. Of course, if you submit numerous great creations, your chances of winning become greater.
  • No resubmissions of content! Do not send the same piece 20 times. It will not increase your chances, only slow down the review process.& &
  • By participating, you give us the right to use your submission in our promotional activities during, and after, the runtime of the contest. In addition, you grant us the right to alter your work and use it further without any restrictions and limitations.&

Brush, Palette, Create!

Ok, the formal part is finished. Now it’s time to clear your mind, and think about how you want to surprise the world with your creativity. Don’t be shy! Even if your creations look like they were prepared by a talented five-year-old, we know that you put your whole heart into them. They will be treated as masterpieces exhibited in museums. We can’t wait to see what you have to share!

Disclaimer: Not investment advice. Seek professional advice. Digital assets involve risk. Do your own research

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