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Chainlink is one of the safest crypto investments

Chainlink is one of the safest crypto investments

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I love Bitcoin and Ethereum as much as the next guy, and consider them incredible investments. However, I feel that Chainlink is at least as safe of an investment as these two, with just as much potential for growth

For one, Chainlink has incredible real-world applications that aren't going away anytime soon. Yes, they have competition with what they're doing, but they are, at least in my opinion, far and away one of if not the best choice for what it does. This is evidenced by the fact that even during the bear market last year Chainlink was seeing prices as high as $18 (only 28% less than what it is now - and this was around the same time Bitcoin was over 80% less than what it is now).

What makes this even more appealing is that despite seemingly having a floor that's higher than most cryptos even mid-bear market, it has incredible growth potential. Just last month the price topped $50, over double what it is now. This also makes the current price a great entry point.

Anyway.... I don't normally shill coins on here (check my history if you don't believe me), but I have a lot of love and respect for LINK and wanted to share it with you all - ignore if you want!

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