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Charlie Munger that called BTC "rat poison" passed away last week. BTC then proceeded to flip is company Berkshire Hathaway's market cap yesterday.

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Bitcoin has long been the biggest troll of it's harshest critics. They try put it down but it just refuses to stay down. Bitcoin writes a script like no other.

Charlie Munger was never one to hold back on what he thought. Dispite admittedly not understanding Bitcoin, he had been able to form a very strong view against it.

In his day, Charlie compared trading Bitcoin to trading turds and Babies brains. He called it dementia and immortality and said people they were "pushing it" were a disgrace and it fueled illicit activity. He said it was a scumball activity. When bitcoin was at $150 he called it was rat poison. When it went up to $9k he was asked again what he thought and he called it more expensive rat poison. He suggested if there was anything that government needed to step down hard on it was Bitcoin.

Last Tuesday Charlie Munger passed away. A week to the day Bitcoin coin rallied and proceed to flipp the market cap of his former company Berkshire Hathaway.

No harm to Munger, he was very financially successful, gave lots to charity and was entitled to his opinion. This is more about just simply allowing Bitcoin to silence it's harshest critics. Next month it will be a decade and half old, it is truly one of the most remarkable accomplishments of mathematics, cryptography and open-source software engineering.

Those that are blinded by ignorance in their lifetime will have missed out on being part of the greatest collaborative financial revolutions in history. Bitcoin may not ultimately prove to be the holy grail in the but it has undoubtedly been the pioneer. Bitcoiner or not we are all witnessing and playing parts in one of the greatest moments in history.

May Bitcoin continue to outperform Berkshire Hathaway and go on to outlive Buffett. Investing in Bitcoin will always be better for you than drinking Coca-Cola.


Fox Business: Bitcoin is β€˜rat poison,’ Berkshire’s Charlie Munger says

Cointelegraph: Bitcoin market cap overtakes Berkshire Hathaway, soars past $800B Bitcoin market cap overtakes Berkshire Hathaway's valuation


Just to welcome the new sub posters, many of whom appear to have taken offence. As a BH shareholder for many years I can say with all honesty it wasn't the intent and apologise if that's the way it's been misconceived. Anyone that knew Munger, would appreciate he was old school and definitely no snowflake. As I've said above I've every respect for the man, just disagreed with a stance and the way he articulated his opinion with little facts against both Bitcoin and Bitcoiners. As a lover of both finance and figures in addition to being a critic with a sharp comic edge I'm sure even he'd appreciate the dramatic irony in Bitcoin's timing. RIP Munger. Long live BTC.

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