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Cheapest Way to Self Custody ETH?

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I have recently invested in a Trezor Safe 3 and want to self-custody my ETH from Binance. When withdrawing, can I send the ETH via an L2 to my Trezor? Or do I have to use L1? I have some confusion:

  1. I want to use the least fees possible, I see around $10 in fees on ERC20 and $0.1 in fees if I use an L2 like optimism, so here the L2 makes sense for me

  2. But can I transfer this to the ETH wallet on my Safe 3? Would I need another wallet on the optimism network?

  3. Once on the wallet can I convert back to regular ERC20 ETH or will the same $10 in fees come into play when doing that, in which case I might as well do the one transaction on ERC20 straight to the wallet?

  4. Is there any risk in holding ETH on an L2 like optimism if I'm going long term? Like hypothetically if something happens and optimism goes offline, would I lose all the ETH I have there?

UPDATE Thank you all for the advice, I decided to just eat the fees and transfer it over ERC20 itself so I could HODL with peace of mind. If anyone is doing the same, remember to always do a test transaction with the minimum amount first, allow it to process and confirm.

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