Algorand is a scalable, secure and decentralized digital currency and transactions platform.

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by COINS NEWS - 1 week ago

The Algorand network is moving toward full decentralization with P2P gossip network without relay node requirement + concensus incentivization + algokit 2.0 to with full support for native Python to build smart-contract

I posted this since I think this might be interested to the cryptocurrency community. The Algorand network is fast moving toward its full decentralization vision with the introduction of a major upgrade in its concensus protocol with Peer-to-Peer gos...

by COINS NEWS - 2 weeks ago

Important Algorand news and updates

I know that many people are disappointed with Algorand and some openly hate the project. However, most people see only the price. Not the constant upgrading and improvement, the partnerships, the security and the speed. I am copying and pasting this...

by COINS NEWS - 1 month ago

Algorand - my perspective on future outlook

I have always trusted the balanced approach the r/cc community takes to various projects, and I feel this story needs to be told. I want to give you my 2 cents about Algorand (yes, the token which has gone -95% from its ATHs) and take you on the jour...