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Coinbase is running out of Loopring

Coinbase is running out of Loopring

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  1. We already know that the circulating supply of loopring is nearing its cap.

  2. Go check the ether scan of coin bases loopring wallet. They have none left. Go check yourself, I can’t add pictures here:


  1. When you buy on coinbase. They give you an IOU until you transfer out. Meaning they don’t have the loopring when you buy it.

I believe the recent price surge in LRC is due in part because Coinbase cannot provide enough liquidity. They are running out of loopring. On November 23rd. This wallet had 342 LRC!!!

Sound familiar. The same thing happened with a certain stock back in January.

Loopring will soon have the capacity to allow you to add LRC directly to your counterfactual wallet from a bank account. That’s right. No more exchanges.

Remember. Not your keys. Not your crypto.

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