“Crypto has been around for 10 years and still hasn’t found a use case” is one of the laziest FUD arguments

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Bear markets love FUD. “Ha I was right!” They all repeat in 2014, 2018, and now 2022. Nevermind the obvious market cycles and predictable bull and bear or the market cap reaching the trillions. No, let’s get real impatient and lazy with our research and say “crypto has yet to find a use case and it’s been 10 years”.


Invented in 1965 with Queen Elizabeth sending her first electronic message in 1976 wasn’t mass-adopted until 1994 through 1996. In fact during the 90s Email still was a complete pain dealing with barriers between networks.

Email took 30 years to reach mass adoption.


Internet “nodes” (ever hear that term before?) were first conceptualized by MIT in 1969 with a project working in parallel with the electronic mail project. The official birthday of the internet is January 1, 1983. But internet wasn’t used in homes until the 1990s.


1852 with Henri Giffard followed 50 years by the Wright brothers. Henri Giffard used a steam engine and actually flew 50x further than the Wright brothers. The first commercial flight was 1914.

50 years.

First car: Invented 1886

Henry Ford mass produced cars 22 years later in 1908.

22 years

The list just goes on. People antagonizing digital assets saying the tech “never became useful” haven’t been paying attention to its already established use-cases, have been lazy in their time frame argument, and either are outright against the tech for who knows what reason or are obsessed with instant gratification.

Digital assets are just starting - buckle up, folks.

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