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Cryptocurrency regulations are not a bad thing in the current situation

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From the very beginning, cryptocurrency has faced scrutiny and it continued to rise despite all odds because we are passionate!

Imagine a huge crackdown in a few years when regular people and not degens like us start to use crypto. Their trust would never be restored. We need to show integrity and that the top projects are really reliable!

Almost all the exchanges we got until now are basically scams disrespecting the customers. Regulations were needed and this is a very good time for it.

Will clear regulations be ready before the halving? Maybe not. Will the regulations slow down the growth? Maybe. Will the regulations suck at first? I think so, but crypto finds a way. Maybe not in the US at first, but at the end of the day, clarity and transparency should prevail! This is what we need and what we should encourage. I know the political sphere is corrupt, but they are not in the position to just say no to cryptocurrency, and that's why i love it!

I can't wait for it also, but this is not a get rich scheme anymore. It's time to get serious!

I thank you guys for being so stubborn and showing your strong will even in the most difficult situations!

Edit: i am writing this after a friend that just joined our ranks almost panic sold after seeing just some bad news, LOL. If he only knew what some of us went trough :)).

P.s. of course i am thinking about the good aspects of regulations such as not letting a huge exchange scam people. Also ofc i know the downsides and the fact that US political class only favors the rich, but we have 2 options: riot or help building this together as well as we can, vote, get involved and don't let the politicians do what they want! Also i know that's hard to find balance and the regulators know anything but balance.

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