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Does Bitcoin fee depend on amount?

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A Bitcoin transaction is a combination of one or more inputs and one or more outputs. Each input is itself an out put of a previous transaction. So it is not liquid. I think it is good to think of them as paper banks. If you buy something that costs 27 dollar, you probably don't have a 27-dollar bill. you have some other coins and banknotes which sum of them is equal or more than 27. So you may pay 2 20-dollar and one 10-dollar bill and get 3 dollar as change. In this transaction beside amount of the deal, at least 4 banknotes were involved. So this is the factor to calculate the fee.

It's completely possible to have a very small transaction which has high fee, because it is made up of very tiny inputs or it has many outputs. On the other hand, if you try to move only one input to another output (without any change) it would be very cheap beside the amount of the input.

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