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During the next bull-run we need to tell people something besides "Have fun staying poor." It is a smug & somewhat toxic and very juvenile message that turns people off to the idea of having any conversation with people about Bitcoin.

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In my particular situation, I view bitcoin as a "savings and remittance" vehicle. I've borrowed money from family members and used bitcoin to pay them back since I live in a different country from them. I've also paid people to do some tasks for me using bitcoin over the years, mostly to do with my youtube channel. That's just my take...

However when you have Max Keiser standing on stage cursing the name of the world's largest EV company's CEO, tearing up dollar bills on camera and saying, "It's going to zero." it kinda gives me really thick "maniac cult vibes."

The core message, "Have fun staying poor." although toxic is a "binary" 1 or 0 choice. I'd rather ask people, "Do you know what money is?" Or "Do you know what gives money its value?" Or "Is inflation really good for you?" Or even, "What our governments do with money now was tried in Rome thousands of years ago. How did that end?"

If someone tries saying, "Oh, well I think this other coin is superior technology." just ask them 2 questions:
1. "On a time scale of 5 years, does it outperform bitcoin?"
2. "How many more attack vectors does your coin have vs. bitcoin? Do you even know?"

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