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Effortless Crypto Earning: How GoMining is Changing the Game

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GoMining, a prominent bitcoin mining venture with six years of industry expertise, is commemorating its second anniversary with a significant rebranding. The venture, which oversees substantial bitcoin mining rigs across nine data centers in diverse countries, has been offering reliable and effortless mining infrastructure to users for stable bitcoin profits through its native token and revolutionary NFTs. By prioritizing transparency, GoMining has launched an updated website and mobile app that offers comprehensive details on their products, all with the aim of transforming the entire blockchain industry.

Two Years of Effortless Bitcoin Mining

GoMining, a leading bitcoin mining project with over six years’ experience in the industry, is marking its second anniversary by rebranding its infrastructure. The project, which is run by a team of experts with extensive knowledge of mining, owns and operates large bitcoin mining rigs across nine data centers located in countries such as Kazakhstan, Norway, and the UAE.

For two years now, GoMining has been providing a reliable and hassle-free mining infrastructure that has brought satisfaction and stable bitcoin profits to its customers through two core products: a native token featuring decentralized staking, and aesthetically pleasing bitcoin-mining NFTs.

GoMining (previously known as GMT) has undergone a renaming process to create a more recognizable brand umbrella for all of its projects. According to company CEO Mark Zalan, the new name better reflects the essence of its token and NFT products and helps to avoid confusion with other ventures. “We firmly believe that the blockchain community worldwide needs more clarity and transparency. It has been a core value in all of my previous experiences, and I’m dedicated to maintaining the highest level of openness for GoMining. We understand that our users and stakeholders expect and deserve clear and honest communication, and we’re committed to meeting that expectation,” says Zalan. “We created a brand that is scalable and adaptable to future expansion and developments by the project,” he adds. As per Zalan, leveraging many years of experience in the crypto mining industry has enabled GoMining to develop a vast level of expertise and knowledge of the market, allowing it to provide clients with high-quality services at the lowest costs possible. “We have a proven track record of providing top-notch services to our clients and we’ll continue to use our experience to build trust among our users,’’ he says.

What’s New?

As per Zalan, the primary goal is to emphasize the importance of transparency in their infrastructure. To achieve this, they have launched an updated version of their website and mobile app that provides detailed information on their team’s background, data centers, and products.

Buying NFTs on the marketplace is quick and easy, with just one click using popular payment options like Apple Pay or Google Pay. Once the transaction is completed, the NFTs are automatically sent to your virtual wallet. Customers can also select their preferred payment method based on the available options in their region or country.

GoMining has taken user convenience to the next level by providing a staking reward calculator that automatically calculates profitability based on the amount of funds and the type of staking. This eliminates the need for users to manually calculate their rewards, making it easier than ever to participate in staking programs.

GoMining Token

GoMining Token, the core offering of the project, provides users with two different decentralized staking options: fixed and flexible staking. These staking options offer several reward choices to users, either in Bitcoin or GoMining tokens.

Fixed Staking

Users can freeze their tokens for 3 months at 20% APR and earn rewards in native tokens. They can withdraw or relock their blocked tokens. Fixed staking is the most predictable product for both the company and holders. GMT Token accruals ensure obligation fulfillment even under unfavorable circumstances.

Flexible Staking

Users’ tokens are blocked for 3 months, and they receive daily bitcoin rewards at a floating percentage.

A daily profit in BTC is generated for users throughout the entire staking period after their initial investment. Flexible staking interest rates are subject to various factors, including market conditions for cryptocurrencies, mining equipment market conditions, mining complexity, and the price of Bitcoin.

In order to begin staking, users are required to open and close their own position on the GoMining Staking page to earn staking rewards. Flexible staking carries considerable risks, but it also presents the opportunity for significant rewards.

By staking tokens, holders have the opportunity to both secure and lock their assets. The distribution of staking rewards is guaranteed by the smart contract code of GoMining Staking. The company uses staked tokens as collateral to purchase new equipment, generate mining yields, and pay staking rewards.

GoMining tokens are not only tradable on various exchanges, but also serve as a payment method for purchasing NFTs, game mechanics, and goods on online stores.


GoMining has launched an innovative NFT project called “NFT by GoMining” that features unique images of mining rigs supported by computing power, setting it apart from other NFT collections. One of the project’s most distinctive features is the opportunity it offers users to mine Bitcoin, which provides a significant advantage over traditional mining methods.

This NFT project additionally eliminates the usual hassles associated with mining, such as the need to buy expensive equipment and pay for high electricity bills, allowing users to enjoy a headache-free mining experience.

GoMining’s infrastructure provides users with two distinct ways to earn rewards.

Solo Mining

Users receive a stable daily mining reward by holding GoMining NFT.

When using solo mining mode, users can earn daily mining rewards by holding onto GoMining NFT. additionally have the opportunity to build their own mining farm, starting with just one mining device and gradually scaling up to more advanced equipment such as storage shelves, immersion baths, containers, and even large data centers. As they progress, users can transition from being a novice miner to the head of a successful mining empire.

Pool Mining

Pool mining is an exciting feature offered by GoMining that allows users to join a unique game based on real pool mining. This game enables users to mine in pools, create communities, and receive additional perks with mining reward multipliers of up to 256x. The game provides a platform for users to come together and collaborate, increasing their chances of earning rewards while having fun.

By participating in pool mining, users can create a community with other players, and the combined mining power of the community will generate more Bitcoin than if they were mining individually.

Overall, the pool mining feature offered by GoMining provides users with a unique and exciting way to participate in bitcoin mining, while also creating a community and earning rewards.

Celebrity Collaborations

GoMining has received support from such notable public figures as undefeated MMA star Khabib Nurmagomedov. The champion has collaborated with the company on a special series of NFTs called the Khabib Collection. This unique collection features images designed with various items associated with Nurmagomedov’s career, such as quotes and other features related to the legend. All of the NFTs in the Khabib Collection are backed by a symbolic 29 TH/s, representing the same number of victories Khabib achieved during his illustrious MMA career.

Holders of Khabib Collection NFTs can potentially gain access to private events hosted by Khabib several times a year or entry into his exclusive club, providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for fans of the MMA superstar. The collaboration between Khabib and GoMining highlights the company’s commitment to working with high-profile individuals and expanding its offerings beyond just traditional mining and staking options.

Bottom Line

GoMining is a company that offers various hassle-free services to its clients, leveraging their vast expertise in the blockchain industry. With a vision of changing the industry and increasing the number of tokens in circulation, the project has made significant progress.

The initial issue of 100,000,000 tokens has risen to 432,936,022 and is planned to reach 10 trillion. The company has paid out 1,610 BTC to its holders, issued 10,000 NFTs, and increased its overall hash power from 100,000 TH/s to 1,252,467.37 TH/s. The primary objective is the mass adoption of their products and changing the perception of the blockchain industry, making it more transparent and accessible. GoMining is poised to make a significant impact in the world of Web3. As they continue to strive for success, their goal is to get listed on top exchanges and build a community of outstanding people and projects in the Web3 world.

As per Zalan, the company’s plan for the next two years is not only to attract as many users as possible, but also to create a strong community of individuals who are interested in blockchain technology. “Our primary objective is to make bitcoin mining simple, and to change the perception of blockchain technology worldwide. We aim to educate and raise awareness about the benefits and use of this technology to create a positive impact on the industry and society as a whole.”

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