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Entrusted with $10-20K to invest in crypto by my parents for this upcoming bull run…

Entrusted with $10-20K to invest in crypto by my parents for this upcoming bull run…

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Hi Reddit. Long time reader, second time posting. Would really appreciate it if someone can offer up educated or experienced advice on the following…

Got into crypto last March, haven’t sold, only bought and stacked, and I know Ive left a lot of profits on the table, although portfolios still doing great. Mainly BTC and ETH, and main alts being SOL, DOT, ADA & LINK. Didn’t really know what I was doing when I first got in lol, but recently trying hard to educate myself at the moment on TA entry and exits and profit taking etc but it can all be so overwhelming and often contradictory. No DCA either, just buying up whenever I had the spare cash.

Now, both my parent’s aren’t rich, are in their mid 60’s, are on pension, Dad still works part time too, own their own home, but no other investments, little bit of savings, average retirement fund (called KiwiSaver here in New Zealand) but totally get the fundamentals & opportunity of crypto and digital assets, blockchain, web3.0 when I explained it to them. In fact, after showing them my own amateur crypto portfolio that put their traditional banking savings account returns to shame lol, they’re entrusting me with about 10-20k of their current savings to put to work in crypto for this upcoming bull run period to hopefully make them some decent returns. I realise how crazy & massive things can get from here with all that’s aligning at the moment.

How would you manage this amount responsibly if you were investing for your own parents? Portfolio allocation? HODL BTC and ETH only as a safe bet? Alts? DCA? Wait for dips?

Appreciate any help very much, trying to sort the signal from the noise and identify a clear approach to help my family. Many thanks and gratitude in advance for any suggestions and advice.

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