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So, I'm a fucking idiot and may't for the lifetime of me understand slippage and/or impermanent loss despite tossing a great chunk of become the ETH/BETH liquidity pool. I simply figured if I waited it out, the worth of ETH/BETH would get well and would in all probability end up OK but now I'm considering I ought to perhaps take action because of the merge. My rationale is that folks will begin exchanging their BETH for ETH and the liquidity pool will drastically drop and be more prone to slippage and/or impermanent loss, but once more, I don't even know what meaning regardless of reading about it for many many hours. Stats under:

Pool Portion Quantity: 1.0179

Pool Portion Composition: 1.044 ETH + 1.0689 BETH

Portion Value: three,076.4544 USD

Value per Portion: eight,239.9962 USD

Portion Value PNL: -5,311.4362 USD

Once I first added liquidity, I added 1 ETH and 1.07413466 BETH (2.07413466 complete) which is now 1.044 ETH and 1.0689 BETH (2.1129 complete) so is the PNL moreso as a result of the worth of ETH/BETH dropped drastically from once I first added liquidity, or am I truly dealing with that realized loss if I withdraw from the pool?

If I take away my portion, how a lot slippage and/or impermanent loss will I experience? I attempt to use the calculator on Binance and it seems the impermanent loss is sort of low, perhaps zero%?

Any recommendation? What is going to occur to the liquidity pool when BETH is redeemable for ETH? Is it time to get out now or is there any profit to ready?

Sorry for being so helpless, I swear I don't suck this a lot in real life.

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