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Exposing a Scammer on this Subreddit

Exposing a Scammer on this Subreddit

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by COINS NEWS 26 Views

Very recently I found a suspicious post about an app that gives you free crypto when you shop. It was advertised as a cash back app, but instead of getting money, you would get crypto. However, the shilly nature of the post had me seeing red flags everywhere. The instant I read through it, it felt like I was reading a sponsored ad rather than an actual post to reddit.

So, I started looking into the person who made this suspicious post, u/Fast_Midnight381.

I begun to notice a range of unusual ”coincidences” surrounding this user

  1. At the time of their post, they were the moderator and only member of r/tuktukcrypto. Tuktuk Crypto was the app they were shilling. However, they have now left the moderator position of that subreddit since I flagged this in a comment the initial post
  2. While their account is about a year old, they only started posting and commenting frequently about 20 days ago, which was the same time r/tuktukcrypto was created. It seems like they booted up their old reddit account for the sole purpose of shilling this app
  3. They have an insane number of posts in their history shilling this platform. I think around half of their posts are shilling this app. The other half is farming karma and trying to get laid, lol.

Here is a list of some of the posts I found, all of which never fail to mention the Tuktuk app. Some of the posts have been removed by moderators or deleted, but I tried to mostly include the ones still visible.

  1. How To Maximize Purchasing Bitcoins As A Regular Joe?
  2. Here Is A Collection Of Best, Effective Ways To Earn Free BTC
  3. Fellow Aussies, what are your some of the favorite apps to save, earn rewards and cashbacks?
  4. Effective Ways To Earn Free Bitcoin For Beginners
  5. This Rewards App Lets You Earn Free $SHIB

After all this, you‘re probably thinking, this person is clearly incredibly dodgy. In the best case scenario, they they may have created this app or are being paid to shill it. At the very worst case, they are attempting to scam people out of their money using reddit. Either way, I don’t think anyone would go near this app after reading this. However, that’s because you got the privilege of reading through what I already found. Crazily enough, the initial reaction to the post was actually somewhat positive, before I left a scathing comment. It was only after my comment that people started to see it as a dodgy ad.

Here are some of the comments left on the post

  • ”Cashback is such a great concept, it should be more casually used!”
  • “Recently I came up with the idea of ​​creating such a site looking at the popularity of Cashback sites .. and there is something like that. Thanks for the info”
  • ”No disrespect but I don't like its name lol. Nice app though, will share.”

Luckily the post didn’t gain much traction, so I don’t think anyone actually took the bait. But, here is the daily reminder to be careful what you see on this subreddit. There are lots of scammers hanging around, ready to pounce. Don’t believe everything you see online, think critically and DYOR.

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