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February 2024 Media Report


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Whether the topic is true love, or rodent-derived meteorological advice, February can offer unpredictable results. Even during a leap year, it remains the shortest window for generative media engagement. That’s why it helps to plot a thoughtful course, and plant the seeds of a compelling story well in advance. Where January centered the big picture analysis of our Q4 2023 COMPASS report, February was dominated by product announcements and brand-building partnerships that aim to expand crypto access for our global community.

After being included among the “Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges of February 2024” in another nod from Business Insider, a trio of Yahoo! Finance headlines followed heralding product and reputational achievements. Founder and CEO, Oleksandr Lutskevych, was quoted when the announcement of CEX.IO Spot Trading, the company’s latest product offering, was amplified by the outlet. This rebrand of our celebrated Exchange Plus platform extends expanded functionality and listings to additional jurisdictions, most notably the U.S.. Highlighting a period of careful refinement, Alex praised the hard work that went into bridging regulatory demands with an intuitive, user-centric crypto experience.

On the same day, a piece by Insider Monkey was also published on Yahoo! Finance ranking the “15 Best Bitcoin Wallets iPhone and Android,” which praised CEX.IO services. The author tallied pros and cons from the perspective of a savvy crypto enthusiast, and noted how CEX.IO App’s top line security and sleek design enable hassle-free transactions. Combined with a competitive fee structure, the outlet awarded our services with an Insider Monkey Score of 1, in addition to the kind words.

Then, rising Vice President of Product Management, Alexandr Kerya, rounded out our run of high-profile Yahoo! appearances when CEX.IO’s partnership with Web3 wallet, Wigwam, was picked up by the outlet. The self-custodial solution offers expanded access to decentralized finance, NFT market places, and play-to-earn gaming platforms all through a secure browser extension. After a string of successful product launches, Kerya helped situate how Wigwam constellates within the CEX.IO ecosystem.

And lastly, CEX.IO’s Director of Lithuania and Head of Corporate Payment Solutions, Arina Dudko, had a piece published on HackerNoon that explored a major theme from our Q4 2023 COMPASS report. Delving once again into the crypto regulatory landscape across key jurisdictions, Arina argued that these common sense protections could help encourage greater confidence from industry participants. This was Arina’s third published piece on the outlet interrogating emerging legal frameworks, and how they could serve to empower retail users along their individual crypto journeys.

Explore our February media highlights via the links below.

Business Insider: Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges of February 2024

While we had our hearts set on Valentine’s Day, Business Insider bestowed some industry love by again including CEX.IO in their monthly round-up of leading exchanges. With our 4.45/5 rating still holding strong, here’s to keeping that spark alive and burning ever-brighter in the months ahead.

Read the full review here.

Yahoo! Finance: CEX.IO Rebrands Exchange Plus, Launches Spot Trading Service for Eligible U.S. Participants

On February 6, CEX.IO Founder and CEO Oleksandr Lutskevych, was quoted in Yahoo! Finance when the announcement of the company’s latest product offering was picked up by the outlet. CEX.IO Spot Trading, a rebranding of Exchange Plus, unveiled new listings and expanded access to additional jurisdictions seeking intuitive crypto services. With regards to the evolving regulatory climate, Alex noted how careful planning helped ensure all government and customer expectations were met before the product rollout.

“‘After a brief rollback of our services in the U.S. to assess the regulatory landscape, we’re thrilled to restore a cornerstone of CEX.IO’s best-in-class crypto offerings in a compliant manner…Our dogged commitments to regulation and customer satisfaction helped ensure that refinements continue to center the user experience.’”

Yahoo! Finance: 15 Best Bitcoin Wallets For iPhone and Android

February 6, a piece published on Insider Monkey ranking CEX.IO among the best mobile Bitcoin wallets was also amplified on Yahoo! Finance. After presenting general context on the state of crypto markets, the author outlined a series of value-adds for curious participants looking to expand their crypto journey with a trusted guide. Citing the company’s longevity in the industry, and commitment to providing a user-centric experience, CEX.IO was awarded with an Insider Monkey score of 1.

“CEX.IO offers a number of notable features, including a regulated platform license, support for a large number of cryptocurrencies, and top-tier security features such as multi-signature security. The wallet has a strong focus on security and boasts to have never lost any of its user’s funds since its launch in 2013. In addition, it has relatively low trading fees. The fees are based on 30-day trade values and are calculated daily. The highest trading fee by CEX.IO is 0.25% for takers and 0.15% for makers if the value of a cryptocurrency is less than $10,000.”

Yahoo! Finance: CEX.IO, Wigwam Partnership Expands DeFi Access to the Global Crypto Community

On February 13, Alexandr Kerya, Vice President of Product Management at CEX.IO, was also quoted by Yahoo! Finance when the announcement of the company’s partnership with Web3 wallet solution, Wigwam, was picked up by the outlet. With the aid of a self-custodial browser extension, Kerya highlighted how expanded access to NFT marketplaces, Play-to-Earn games that offer in-dApp purchases, and other integrated DeFi services could empower CEX.IO users.

“‘This is an exciting time for the company, as we’re making progress in a lot of uncharted territory…Our award-winning product ecosystem gives Wigwam a firmer operational foundation, and establishes a longer runway to propel us into the next frontier of decentralized finance.’”

HackerNoon: In 2024, Crypto Regulation is Key to Boosting Participant Confidence

On February 29, Director of CEX.IO’s Lithuanian entity and Head of Corporate Payment Solutions, Arina Dudko, had a piece published on HackerNoon exploring a theme from the company’s latest Q4 2023 COMPASS report. With key regions implementing greater regulatory oversight across the industry, Arina argues that these guidelines and comprehensive legal frameworks will help boost participant engagement with crypto verticals.

“Most jurisdictions currently exploring heightened regulations have experienced the implosion of a homespun crypto hero, and are not in any rush to re-live such trauma. That’s why many of these legislative packages set their sights on common sense measures that demarcate official oversight and lean heavily on consumer protections. It’s at this crossroads that crypto leaders could choose to send a strong message by working with officials to ensure a smooth transition. Rather than just asserting user-centric values in mission statements, the industry should embrace and be receptive to regulation if it means protecting and growing the global crypto community.”

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