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gimme advice please!

gimme advice please!


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good day fellow traders! i think we've all had those days when we lose deposit or part of it. and i have come to you for some advices you know. but before that i will tell my short story

sorry for my bad eng

so, on binance futures, as you know, cross margin set by default. what the f?? no matter how much i switch to isolated margin, when i reopen binance, i see this cross margin again. but yesterday i didn’t notice that God damn cross margin was back on track. and i went into short position with x50 leverage. and i didn't put a stop loss due to small deposit. you know what comes next? foken walmart! which is not even in my country, announced a partnership with litecoin. this fake cost me all my money 'cause cross margin ate my entire balance and liquidated the position. literally! for a reason known only to God, i kept almost all my money in a futures wallet. 'bout $8k or some

whatever, i know that i'm silly brainless girl, which traded on a crypto exchange using credit money. and you are now thinking "lol this was to be expected". yeah! but i didn't come here to whine. umm, so, have you ever had such situations? maybe you had experience how to make at least a few thousand out of the remaining $200? to pay rent and not starve to death lol

do not offer suicide or webcam, this is not Christian

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