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Giving away 2BNB!

Giving away 2BNB!


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Hello everyone! I have had some good fortune and luck lately and would like to pay it forward! I am going to be giving away 2BNB on October 5, 2021 with the following breakdown:

1st - 1BNB 2nd - 0.5BNB 3rd - 0.25BNB 4th and 5th - 0.125BNB

If you would like to enter, please comment down below. I will be using a random comment picker to choose the winners and the winners will be notified via PM!

Thanks and good luck!

Edit: I’ve been getting a lot of messages and will try to reply to each and everyone of them. Unfortunately a lot of haters and negative messages are coming through. Is it so hard to believe someone would want to pay it forward in this crazy time we are all living through. Stay positive people and spread god vibes ????????

Edit 2: Someone posted about setting up a BNB faucet and I think this is a good idea as I see lots of people struggling to transfer out of their wallets due to the lack of BNB. Anyone know how this is possible? DM me if you do!

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