Global warming, massive wealth inequality, boring + soul crushing jobs that take up the majority of our time, pandemics, nuclear war possibilities. Life is feeling bleak, but......

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Every paycheck I keep stacking sats. It's the life preserver. I am just a regular bloke, working in a job where you sacrifice your dignity and time to make a living. I am educated, and I make "Decent money".

On the way to work for my evening shift, I swung by A&W drive thru, I got a burger and onion rings. It was 13$ CAD... I was born in 1985, I remember subway having a special on sundays in the 90s that offered 3 footlongs for 10$, now 1 footlong is 10$. We are all getting footlonged in our butts.

I work in healthcare, our union members voted for a wage increase of 0% 2020, 1% 2021, 1.25% 2022, and 2% 2023.

4.25% increase in pay by 2023, when inflation is 9%+ for 2022 alone. Inflation is tolerable when the added currency is distributed equally, but wages have been stagnating for the past 50 years. The rich get richer, and the working class keeps getting footlonged. Every year costs of goods required to simply exist go up 5% but my wages go up 0%, or if I'm really lucky 1%.

When the general population gets priced out of buying fast food burgers.... It is a sad day, a man's gotta eat.

Anyways, in the face of this ever increasingly bleak existence, every 2 weeks I keep stacking sats. It is the only thing that makes me feel mildly optimistic about my future.

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