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God I love bitcoin

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I'm sitting here and I almost want to cry.

Someone was giga brain smart enough to create a way to stop governments fucking over us little people with their endless corrupt money printing.

And the best thing is, the more they print, the more bitcoins value goes up in melting ice cube shitcoin money.

The more it goes up, the more people pay attention. The more people learn, the more people stop having their wealth stolen by the Government as they too start trading their melting ice cube shitcoins for thermodynamically sound money.

And the awesome thing is the government were too corrupt and stupid to truly realise how powerful bitcoin was, how it is the death knell to their fiat infinite printing scam of the ages. If they had not been robbing us all, they would have paid attention and killed it when they had the chance. Now, it's too big, it's too far gone. They can't kill it and we have freedom.

FREEDOM!!!!! That is what bitcoin represents, financial freedom. Free from the corruption of the money printer.

Like I say, I could cry. Thank you Satoshi. You have freed humanity. Bitcoin could be just about the greatest human invention of all time!!

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