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Happy thanksgiving and you’re welcome! This is also your Xmas gift!

Happy thanksgiving and you’re welcome! This is also your Xmas gift!


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I know some of y’all are trying to catch up in crypto. Truly wish someone like myself told me sooner. Here’s the deal. Faucet! Just like it sounds. Instead of water it’s crypto! I’m 2 weeks in myself and for 4 transactions into my coinbase account. I’ll help you if you need to help because if crypto grows we all get rich. Send me a DM or post it here. It goes like this so far. Get to level 10 and the surveys open up. Now the surveys give you the Dutch and the Dutch allow you to run the crypto faucet. I personally do 10 minutes balance mode plus 10%, some times express. I run 5X multiplier and select all my coins I want to collect. Currently on weekends I run 26 coins because the weekend gives you an extra 20%! So get to level 10! Run the surveys! Increase level and cash in! Questions?!! Number two which is phase 1 Pi crypto will it be a waste of time I don’t know. Maybe it will be a ticket to the moon. It’s a free account and free to collect. I’m okay with both of them. The other is HI crypto Invite only, get hi now. ????

which was like Pi but now further along doing the same thing. Free crypto which hopefully will make you money and one day RICH! Either way I’ve done my part which is inform y’all and watch crypto grow. Couldn’t care which one takes me to the moon because I’m only looking for one!

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