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Has Bitcoin relieved your financial stress?

Has Bitcoin relieved your financial stress?

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Money (or the lack of it) is not the only source of stress. But financial stress is insidious as it undermines your confidence in your ability to deal with the challenges of life. Most “middle/upper class” kids have never experienced this. But the vast majority of people the world over do.

I recall similar uncertainty as a new parent about my ability to keep my kids safe. Choking, falling, banging their heads. Would I know what to do? Well, as it happens I was able through my employment to get weeks of first aid training for the job site. Even an extra course on pediatric CPR. (Thankfully never needed that.) But the resulting peace of mind remains to this day.

That is how hodling bitcoin feels for me. Financial resilience bolsters your confidence that no matter what else goes to shit there will be food on the table and a roof over your head.

Everyone deserves the right to store the value of their labor and ensure their basic human needs. I think it’s easy for us in “1st world” countries to lose sight of just how significant Bitcoin is for most people of the world.

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