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Help me become comfortable with self custody please!

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So I recently went 100% cold storage. And unlike many of the people who say they feel so much safer, I actually have very high anxiety over self custody. This mostly boils down to the fact that I take that term very seriously - self custody.

How do I trust Ledger? How do I know which addresses I actually control? How do I know with certainty my keys aren't compromised?

I am supposed to be in control. Yet with my addresses constantly changing, how can I say with certainty at any given time that I can actually control my coins? Do I have to simply trust Ledger generated that new address correctly? That doesn't feel like self custody to me....

What I think I am mostly after is a way to verify an address is "owned" by my seed phrase in a secure way as this seems to be the only way to know with certainty I control the coins in there. Or is this just dumb logic because I dont understand something?

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