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How can smart people not grasp BTC?

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EDIT: I ment SOME smart people...

So I've been over at the buttcoin subreddit, not to argue, not to shill, but just to see other perspectives and to see wether there are any hidden negatives I haven't accounted for....

There's definitely some dumb people over there, there was the "I just keep cash, it's simpler" guys, but there was also some smarter people who just prefer traditional investments or commodities, that I've no problem with, I don't believe bitcoins future is 100% and some would rather invest in metals via stocks etc which is fair enough that's up to them, personally I believe in being diversified and Im a big believer of BTC.

But check this guys post in particular.... my humble analysis is this guys not dumb but he misunderstands bitcoin but thinks he understands it inside out... so thinks he's smart but not should I say?

--- POST: You're wrong on so many basic fundamental aspects of how bitcoin works. The network (nodes and miners) is a third party. The network has all the authority of a centralized network. The only difference is that decisions are made democratically. Central banks are a centralized authority; the bitcoin network is a decentralized authority. Both are authorities and hence have the same power to freeze accounts, block transactions, create new tokens out of nowhere, roll out software updates, etc.

You even subliminally acknowledge this when you say "the network doesn't ever say no." It's strange that you chose the word "doesn't" instead of "can't". If there were no authority the network literally couldn't say no. So you seem to understand that there is an authority via majority vote, but you simply believe they will never chose to act in a way that is not in your self interest and therefore you believe they will always honor your transaction requests with no questions asked no matter what. Your belief is exactly the same as someone who feels safe using banks because they believe "they'll never freeze my account." They could, they will just chose not to.

Here are some very simple facts that prove that bitcoin transactions are not peer to peer:

Fact: Bitcoin is truly P2P in network topology only. The computers running the software connect directly to each other topologically. But even then they have ISPs and internet service providers who serve as authorities over their ability to send and receive data. However, this topological relationship is what is meant by P2P so it is accurate to say the Bitcoin network is truly P2P. This is completely different than transactions being P2P.

Fact: You do not have write access to the ledger.

Fact: None of your digital storage devices, seed phrases, etc. contain any bitcoin. The bitcoin never leave the ledger.

If you cannot write your own transactions to the ledger, then who does? A third party. The simple fact that you do not have write access guarantees that a third party must fulfill every transaction. This also means the third party must have authority over you and that you must have their permission.

If you do not physically possess the digital records of your bitcoin, somebody else does. Who is that somebody else? The nodes. The nodes are your custodian. Even if you run a full node, you are not your own custodian. This is because all nodes democratically agree upon the true state of the blockchain. If your transactions were blocked so you decided to run your own node and miner to write your own transactions, you only get one vote. If over 50% of the network disagree with you and refuse to sync to your ledger, your transaction will not be processed. Your single vote will not agree with the majority and therefore it will be orphaned.

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