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How realistic is earning moons

How realistic is earning moons

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by COINS NEWS 29 Views

So most of us go crazy over moons nowadays.. it can be lifechanging for some third world countries with terrible economics and low paying jobs.. I've seen people say they easily make 600 usd per month from moons which is a good chunk of money even for most people in first world countries (definitely more than i can afford to invest on a normal monthly basis).

But how do they do this? I can't imagine ever collecting enough karma from all the random shitposting I see people do.

Is it just the select few (100?) that have a hot post on the front page that get to thousands of moons per month or do people who just post and contribute without a post mooning (pun intended) / blowing up also get a fair amount?

I've been here a year and think my max in a month has been 50. How much did you earn and how?

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