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I bought SHIBA INU so you don't have to

I bought SHIBA INU so you don't have to

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by COINS NEWS 39 Views

Every single time I put money into Crypto, I lose. I called the ETH top in May by buying at $4000, and of course I sold low.

But today I am sacrificing my hard earned $100 and HODLing SHIB until it goes to 0.00000000000000000001 (I dont even know if thats enough 0's but you get the point). No need to thank me, the reward of sleeping well at night knowing that I caused SHIB to tank is worth it to me.

I bought at 0.000080. You heard it here first, it will never top this level again. I feel completely confident that I will lose 100% of my money, and it is worth it to see such a shitty project fail because of me. No matter how many whales buy, they cannot push this coin up any higher than it already was.

No this is not a reaction to realizing by putting $1 into SHIB one year ago I could be a millionaire, this is me opening coinbase and seeing SHIB featured on the front page, promoting this piece of crap. In order to make $100 on SHIB the market cap would have to jump from $30 to $60 billion, which should be hard as it is totally worth it.

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