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I went and bought MOONs to see how complicated it was... Here's my expeience

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We all like MOONs, I especially do. Im perfectly content farming them on here but for shitz-n-gigs I decided to see how convoluted it would be to just go out and buy some.

For reference, Im not especially tech savy. I do hold my assest off CEX in Keplr.

So Its an experiment, Im not gonna go in big here... I have some USD on OSMO that Ive had sitting from LPing thats been waiting for a drop. So I bought 1 ATOM and sent that to my Keplr.

Jumped onto MEXC (where Id already set up an account to check out the platform). It took a little messing around but I figured out, pretty quickly how to generate an address and memo to receive ATOM. I copied the addy/memo and sent my single ATOM over to MEXC (time to transfer was about 2 min total).

Over on MEXC MOON trades with USDT only. It took a min to figure out the UI on MEXC but I was then able to swap my ATOM to USDT. Then swap my USDT for MOONs. And I suppose I could have just stopped here but I wanted them in my vault and thats where it got a little more messy.

Seems you cant access your vault on desktop, If you can i couldnt figure it out... With a little f-ing about I was able to find my address from my transaction history I could see on reddit mobile. So I copied the address from there, pasted it into an email which I sent myself, I could then copy/paste that address from my email to complete the transaction and send my fresh MOONs over here to my vault.

So it wasnt overtly complicated. But the experience is rather clunky and you gotta know where to find stuff... I think for MOONs to catch on further we need to

a) Be able to find out vault address easier

b) Need to be uplisted to a true CEX.

The rest was straightforward, a lot of copy/paste and hops around for 1 thing or another. If you can send your tokens off CEX, then sending them to MEXC and swapping for MOON is pretty easy.

Im considering diverting a portion of my staking rewards over to MOON and building my position beyond shitposting here.

Has anyone else been buying MOONs? If so, where and howd the process go on your end?

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