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I wouldn't know where to go if this subreddit shuts down. What's everyone's plan if Reddit collapses?

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Long time lurker, but very new to the world of Crypto when I think about it.

I didn't know anything about trading crypto or that there were even benefits to one crypto over another. Or that there were many scams vs. legitimate use scenarios with different coins. To me, crypto was a magic piece of data that could make you rich, or send you to the poor house in an instant.

With so many subreddits shutting down coming up, with some, like r/iphone shutting down indefinitely, I am worried that I may have to quit crypto completely. I wouldn't know where to go to not get scammed or to be fed misinformation, if this subreddit decides to follow others. Even if it's for a few days.

I can't be the only one in this situation. I've been following here for the longest time, but with new site policies and subreddits shutting down, where would someone find resources similar to here? This place is an invaluable hub for information (and yes - lies) but it still remains the best for me.

How is someone who still knows very little supposed to stay active and safe?

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