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If you're not broke, what would you be buying right now and why ?

If you're not broke, what would you be buying right now and why ?

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Subject says it all, what would you buy ? Share your thoughts and why you purchased x coins? I personally bought some Harmony One and DOT today though I'm broke and living on chicken flavoured Ramen.

HARMONY because of their increased presence lately and ongoing developments and bullish news floating around (DFK, tranquil finance), great staking rewards, etc

DOT because it's DOT and I believe they are being oversell and time will definitely serve them justice in the future. DOT is always a solid project in my head and imo undervalued until it will break through at some stage... I hope!

Others I did considered was THETA, Algorand, VET and LINK!

Otherwise gentle reminders:

  1. BUY YOUR GROCERIES AND Ramen is the way( flavours are: Shrimp, crabs and whale).
  2. Don't do drugs. The charts are enough to get you high.
  3. When in doubt, diversification is key. And don't go all-in. You never know if the dips, gonna dip dipper!
  4. Goodluck to everyone and may you reach your moon ????
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