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If you're young - take advantage of your age

If you're young - take advantage of your age

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For most of the people this is the "easiest" part of their lifes. While you're young you don't have to feed your family, take care of your children, pay the mortage or save money to retire...

The older you are - the more careful you must be. I don't mean that if you are 18 u should just go and buy a lot of shitcoins to take the risk. But maybe take some extra in work and invest it? Buy one beer less and invest it? Maybe decide to stop buying things you don't really need and invest?

I know a lot of people on their early 30s. They own nothing. No house, no savings, nothing. Not because they are poor. They prefer to spend every single penny to impress people on the street. People who dont even know them. Now they want to have kids. Now they will have to spend everything on children, mortage, car, family. THEY WONT BE ABLE TO INVEST even if they wanted to.

And what if they decided to save and invest even a little money every month since they turned 18?

Its 12 years of saving and gaining interest on your investment. If you invested 10 years ago in crypto, and decided to keep buying even $10 a week... You prolly would be a millionaire or at least be able to buy a house with cash or pay for your kids college.

Just a shower thing i wanted to share, sry for bad englando, its my third language

Have a nice day :)

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