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I’m a random degen crypto investor like the lot of you who got a taste of financial freedom.

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Been in crypto since 2017 and got hooked by the tech (honestly). I knew it was revolutionary back then and not a single hair on my head that thinks otherwise today. Had my fair share of losses, exchanges getting hacked or just ran with all the cash (mf Firano), lost a lot of money in the process but my goal was clear and I suppose after the first bear my crypto-cherry got popped pretty quickly so it felt easy to lose money and deal with the crazy volatility after that. I honestly think that to make money in this game you really need to be a degen because I’m pretty sure “normal” people fold their cards way to fast due to the crazy volatility and 99% scams. As soon as I got passed the $100k unrealized profits with like $20k input my brain wanted to talk rational. Or should I say emotional because that’s what makes people sell.

Anyhow, I just want to say thank you crypto for making this possible. I know there are more like me and to the people who want to make it you will be surprised where you will be 10 years from now. I know it’s boasting but we are all anonymous so who cares? I can’t tell my family or friends about it and I don’t know why but I feel the need to tell you what crypto has made possible for me personally.

You have been warned, it’s utter degen talk down below… :)

So here it goes…

First my goal was $100k, then it became $500k and now I’m aiming for $1mil. Once I got passed $500k I already witnessed a bear so I knew to take profits, in the last bull run I got lucky with NFT’s and cashed out like $200k to keep in fiat, and wait for the bear to come. I still have like $80k in fiat (DCA’d quite a bit), close to $500k in BTC, ETH and other alts that I think will make it… and maybe XMR.

I guess after all the holding and believing and listening to people crypto has no future I said fuck it, time to realize some gains and give ourselves some nice treats.

As a real gamer and tech savvy pretty much the first thing I bought once I reached life changing money ($500k milestone) was the best gaming PC possible, and a 4k beamer to stream them. Got some back issues so I bought myself a chair with those cool buttons that make you go “Aaaaaaaah”. Sound systems in my house, got top tier gaming headsets and the best peripherals to go with gaming PC’s (racing seat and steering wheel, couch co-op keyboards, Hotas flight stick :D). PS5, got it… Switch, got it… Steam deck, fuck it… $4.5k gaming laptop for when I work abroad. IPad pro 3rd gen for banking and easy transport… new phone, new smartwatch for running. GF is into graphic design and was still rocking an old MAC, bought her the biggest one that was available because I love her and I can. 4k 55 Oled TV screen that’s only as thick as my thumb… Rega Planar 3 record player because the old one was sub par. A freaking whole cabinet FILLED to the ceiling with cardboard games. Another closet with full series of comic strips. My garden is finally done, got us some real eyecatchers like the olive trees with the thick stems. Kamado Joe with all the accessoires, boy is that freaking awesome. $25k worth of bikes, indoor, Mountainbike and e-bike. Go on holidays, like the 5 star bring me cocktail ones… My health has improved significantly because I can actually buy the best sportswear now, I feel less stressed because I feel like I’m doing OK and my family will also be fine. Overal happily throwing my money into a black hole again this bear market because holy shit has this been a ride.

Edit: Because proof is in the pudding, don’t want to get doxxed even if this is a burner account I take crypto shit seriously. But this I’m willing to share and is where it kindof started

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