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Internet Computer Protocol. Why the distrust?

Internet Computer Protocol. Why the distrust?

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Posting here because posting on dfinity communities would get more biased opinions.

For the past few days I’ve been reading the whitepaper, went through the architecture, interacted with the community, deployed an app and I’m not seeing why everyone is viewing this project with such bad eyes. From an engineering point of view the project makes sense IMO and it works but I see these “crypto influencers” saying that it it is a scam and rug pull and bad project.

The only downside I see rn is the lack of a testnet which makes testing medium-large application very developer unfriendly.

So, I have 2 q:

1)Is the icp blockchain architecture having major problems that I’m not gettin right now?

2)I saw some people saying it has a bad token economics but without giving any reason. Can someone explain this if they consider it is true?

Feel free to elaborate.

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