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Is Bitcoin too complicated?

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I thought I had a good understanding of Bitcoin, but recently I've been doing some more studying and I've realized that there's ALOT left to learn.

I'm enthusiastic about all the learning, but then I got to thinking: "the average Joe isn't going to understand or care to understand the depths of Bitcoin"

My theory is that Bitcoin will be like the internet. There'll always be power users but the majority of people wont understand and people will need centralized entities that'll make it easier. We already see this today

So the tradeoff is that it's easier to use, but at what cost? With the internet, the tradeoff for lack of understanding is that people get hacked, scammed, and tracked. All while relinquishing any privacy they might think they have to centralized entries that make those things less common.

I think similar tradeoffs are going to be made with Bitcoin, which kind of defeats the whole purpose. If it's going to end up centralized for ease of use, then it sounds like the same reason gold is criticized.

"gold is too difficult to move globally so let's centralized it"

"Bitcoin is too difficult to understand so let's centralize it"

And don't tell me people will learn how to use Bitcoin bc they won't. You and I both know this.

I'm optimistic, but wanted to point this out in case others have already been through this thought experiment.

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