It's Not A "Crypto Boodbath" For All of Us

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Saw a news article linked on Drudge today, hosted at Yahoo, with the headline "Cryptoverse: Forget crypto winter, this is a bitcoin 'bloodbath'"

The article was mostly about some trader who got wrecked and is now broke. But we all know these headlines have been everywhere, the "doom" of crypto, the "crypto winter" and how the "inevitable fall" of Bitcoin is finally upon us.

Enough of that crap already! I'm fine. Literally fine. I've been a miner since 2017... I've seen the rises and falls. I have invested a lot of money in mining and the infrastructure that goes with it. I've also made some great profits and been able to slowly build a Bitcoin bag for the future. The bag rises and falls, the profitability rises and falls... but I'm not dead. Or dying. Or broke. I'm fine. And several other guys that I know who mine to one degree or another are fine as well.

The age old adage of "never invest more than you can afford to lose" sat nicely with me when I first heard it, and I've lived by it since. I've long-since made back what I invested into mining gear over the years and I'm doing okay. Based on current BTC pricing, I do have some of my machined idled, but not the most powerful of them. I still want to be building upon that bag for the future, and it basically means that ongoing electricity costs are additional investment... but I'm okay with it.

I know some have lost a lot, and I didn't write this to be crass. I just wanted to point out that not everyone in the crypto space is falling apart or feeling a heavy sense of defeat. Because if you read any of the mainstream media... we're all homeless and starving now... which we're not.

Hang in there folks.

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