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January 2024 Media Report


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According to comedian and writer Larry David, it’s gauche to say “Happy New Year” after January 7th. And yet, it’s hard not to imbibe some of that fresh feeling when reflecting on the start of a clean slate. Despite a month having already slipped away, there’s something to be said for keeping that spark alive. Rather than letting resolutions fade with the season, this is a time for elbow grease and careful planning. And with the company recently celebrating the rare milestone of 10-years in the crypto space, there’s renewed expectation to lead by example. That’s why last month was dominated by the preparation and debut of the CEX.IO Market Research Team’s latest quarterly report, 5 Thoughts for the Crypto Space in ‘24 and Beyond

Picking up where the COMPASS series left off in 2023, this installment explores five critical topics impacting, and impacted by, the crypto space. From developments in AI, industry regulation, the launch of BTC ETFs, energy consumption, and crypto’s public perception, the Q4 report paints with a broad brush without sparing key details. CEX.IO’s Founder and CEO, Oleksandr Lutskevych, was quoted in the release announcing its publication, which received wide coverage from legacy and industry outlets alike. By diverging from on-chain analysis and value-based assessments of the crypto space, this edition of COMPASS presents possible coordinates for the ecosystem’s ongoing refinement in the months ahead.

But COMPASS wasn’t the only source of generative thought leadership to kick off 2024. CEX.IO’s Head of Communications, Becky Sarwate, spoke with Cointelegraph to unbox crypto index funds, and explore their utility in relation to a menu of participant needs. While quick to note that such an arrangement differs from actual asset ownership, Becky praised the ease and peace of mind these verticals can offer. But in the end, the question for Becky remained: is losing the freedom of discovery worth the (sometimes) smoother sailing?

Explore our January media highlights, and find your COMPASS via the links below.

Business Insider: Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges of January 2024

Starting the New Year off on a high note, Business Insider once again highlighted CEX.IO’s commitment to the user experience in their monthly round-up of top tier exchanges. With our 4.45/5 rating still holding strong, we’re committed to upward movement in the months ahead.

Read the full review here.

Cointelegraph: Crypto index funds simplify investing but challenge blockchain ethos

On January 8, CEX.IO’s Head of Communications, Becky Sarwate, spoke with Cointelegraph on the pros and cons of placing value in crypto index funds. After acknowledging the convenience of buying into a curated bucket of assets, Becky cautioned participants not to conflate such an arrangement with outright ownership. Where crypto index funds can alleviate the always-on aspects of trading, Becky offered the notion that a sense of wonder and discovery for participants could be lost in the balance.

“Purchasing a few select assets exposes participants to the potential for acute gains if the assets perform well and abrupt losses if their value trends downward. For those trading individual coins, these risks are felt and overcome directly. While one may be less likely to end up seeing massive gains overnight with an index fund, the same goes for excessive losses.”

Yahoo! Finance: CEX.IO’s Q4 2023 Industry Report Offers Clear-Eyed Perspective for the Crypto Ecosystem

On January 30, CEX.IO Founder and CEO, Oleksandr Lutskevych, was quoted by Yahoo Finance announcing the company’s Q4 2023 market analysis report. Ever the visionary, Alex extolled the latest edition, COMPASS: 5 Thoughts for the Crypto Space in ‘24 and Beyond, for its breadth and coherence across multiple lines of inquiry. Featuring discussions on regulation, ETFs, energy consumption, and crypto’s public perception, this edition of COMPASS deviated from on-chain diagnostics and value-based assessments in favor of social and philosophical questions.

“‘After 10 years of providing award-winning services to participants at every stage of their crypto journey, we wanted to examine the space from our unique vantage point,’ said Oleksandr Lutskevych, Founder and CEO of CEX.IO. ‘The latest COMPASS report provides coordinates to navigate the current crypto landscape with greater understanding, and sharper tools for self discovery.’”

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