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July 2023 Media Report


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While July certainly brought the heat, our third-party validation, positive coverage, and generative thought-leadership were also scorching hot. In fact, the month was dominated by a combination of well-received rankings and reviews, and culminated in shortlistings across two categories in Hedgeweek’s latest avenue for recognition. While uncertainty and tumult once again were driving forces in the crypto space, July saw us manage to stay above the fray, while continuing to offer best-in-class solutions.

We kicked the month off on a high note with Business Insider renewing its placement of CEX.IO among the best cryptocurrency exchanges, this time for July 2023. With a 4.45/5 ranking from the outlet, our inclusive nature and intuitive product ecosystem continue to set us apart among a crowded field.&

Our commitment to user accessibility remained a focal point when our Director of Lithuania, Global Head of Payment Solutions, Arina Dudko, traveled to Amsterdam for a taping of Crypto Legends Live. “Making Crypto Universal: establishing a multi-national finance business,” saw Arina share the stage with leaders from Bitstamp and Circle, in conversation with event and podcast host, Fiat Republic.

Our Founder and CEO, Oleksandr Lutskevych, was also pushing for greater, and more ethical crypto adoption via his trio of trips to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle. Discussion topics ranged from the scalability of blockchain-based data providers, to the dangers of uncritical AI adoption, to choosing marketing messages that close knowledge gaps. In each visit, Alex encouraged a thoughtful approach to positioning crypto’s role in a changing world, while still centering curious participants.

July also saw the release of Digital Asset Research’s Exchange Vetting Results, which once again listed CEX.IO as a “Vetted Exchange” by a battery of industry metrics. As an arbiter of institutional risk, Digital Asset Research provides impartial critiques of top crypto companies to assist high-value investors in locating their preferred pathway into the digital economy. For another repeat inclusion, it’s an honor to revisit our hard work in black and white.

Lastly, we were notified in late-July that CEX.IO was shortlisted in two categories in Hedgeweek’s inaugural APAC Digital Assets Awards 2023. With nominations for “Best Exchange” and “Best Exchange – Innovation,” the winners will be decided by an open vote of industry participants. We welcome any and all support by August 18, 2023, when polls for the awards will officially close. To cast your ballot, click here.

Otherwise, explore our July media highlights via the links below.

Business Insider: 6 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges of July 2023

In a piece of repeat recognition for the company, CEX.IO was again included in Business Insider’s ranking for Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges, this time for July 2023. Holding with a firm 4.45/5 score by the outlet, the inclusive nature of our offerings and user-centric company ethos continue to keep us in the running.

Read the full review here.

Fiat Republic: Making Crypto Universal: establishing a multi-national finance business

Our Global Head of Payment Solutions, Arina Dudko, traveled to Amsterdam for a taping of Crypto Legends Live, and to dissect the latest developments in the digital economy. Hosted by Fiat Republic, “Making Crypto Universal: establishing a multi-national finance business” saw Arina join leaders from Bitstamp and Circle to cover a range of industry topics. From navigating the regulatory landscape, to using the changing environment as a creative launchpad, the discussion seizes on the potential of applying new approaches and advancements toward a broader definition of success.

View the episode in full here.

Cointelegraph: 10 tips for blockchain-based data providers seeking to scale

On July 11, our Founder and CEO, Oleksandr Lutskevych, returned to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle to discuss how decentralized data-storage projects could approach issues of scalability. As part of the blockchain trilemma, finding the right pathway, and keeping one ear to the ground, can separate success from failure. Citing the rise of Ordinal Inscriptions among Bitcoin enthusiasts, Alex challenged builders to think satoshi-level small when considering this problem, and explore these microcosms within the flagship asset.

“Given the rise of Ordinal inscriptions among the Bitcoin community, there’s an argument for thinking satoshi-level small when it comes to data storage. These clever innovations are reconceptualizing how funds and information can co-mingle on a decentralized network. While BTC offers unique security features, turning the problem on its head, and minimizing it, could offer some unexpected solutions.”

The Associated Press: Digital Asset Research Announces July 2023 Crypto Exchange Vetting Results

On July 13, Digital Asset Research, a leading arbiter of exchange health, once again listed CEX.IO as a “Vetted Exchange” in its July 2023 Crypto Exchange Vetting results. These quarterly reports evaluate on-chain information to provide impartial clarity. They calculate potential risk institutional clients could face, transacting with various companies in the digital economy.

Read DAR’s complete exchange vetting methodology here.

Cointelegraph: 12 things blockchain protocols should consider when exploring AI

On July 18, Alex made his second trip to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle, this time to caution crypto leaders about uncritically embracing emerging AI projects. While AI has been the buzz-inducing concept du jour for media outlets, there’s far from consensus on whether these tools and products are ethical, or even able, to deliver on their intended use. Where it can be tempting to cash in on trending topics, Alex warned against platforming underdeveloped solutions.

“When a topic captures the popular imagination, companies will fast-track solutions to meet the growing demand. However, this can also lead to a dilution in overall services, as underdeveloped products hit the market with the sole aim of capitalizing on the craze. To protect participants, crypto leaders should vet all projects for competency and effectiveness before granting network access.”

Cointelegraph: 16 tips to help blockchain companies refine their marketing messages

On July 20, Alex made his third trip to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle, this time to discuss how blockchain companies can refine their messaging to bridge the knowledge gap. Since crypto combines jargon from both tech and finance, Alex emphasizes the importance of meeting potential participants in their comfort zone, and building understanding from the ground up, if necessary.

“Crypto is a vibrant ecosystem, but it can also function as a bubble for those on both sides of the knowledge gap. While common features can seem like second nature to the initiated, industry jargon can alienate crypto-curious businesses, pushing them to seek a more traditional solution. That’s why it’s important to always meet each participant in their comfort zone before moving the conversation forward.”

Hedgeweek: CEX.IO Shortlisted by Inaugural Hedgeweek APAC Digital Assets Awards

On July 27, Hedgeweek announced that CEX.IO was shortlisted in two categories at the outlet’s inaugural APAC Digital Assets Awards 2023. With nominations for “Best Exchange” and “Best Exchange – Innovation,” the final decision will be put to a public vote by fellow industry participants. Industry participants are encouraged to cast their ballots by Friday, August 18, and help CEX.IO bring these titles home. The live award ceremony will be held in Singapore this October.

View the complete list of nominees and vote for CEX.IO here.

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