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Lost & Found

Lost & Found

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by COINS NEWS 17 Views

I posted a post asking for advises on how to confront a friend whom I think stole my seed phrases and took most of mine BTC & ETH.

I received a lots of advices from calling the police to straight up mafia style of interrogation. I picked the most reasonable and sound advices from the responses.

I invited my friend and her husband over for dinner this past weekend. During dinner I told them about the wallet hack and how much I losted to the hacker/s. Also told them that I contacted the police and how they're in the process of tracking down the wallet address and tracing the IP address that was used during the transaction.

They both acted very normal and show a lots of support. I don't think it was her who stole from me. So, I was crossing it off as a complete lost.

Today, I open my wallet and behold, almost all my stolen cryptos reappeared with a small amount being missing. I can live with that small amount being lost.

A lots of ppls said Don't take advices from ppls on c/c. I dare to say otherwise. Most are playful, a few are straight up mean and dump. But the majority of ppls here are very insightful, level headed & open minded with a lots of helpful and sound advices.

Would like to give a shout out to these 2 fine users who I took the advice from.

The_Cost_Of_Lies & PurplePeninsula

Thx both of you for giving me foolproof plans and advices. And also thx to all of those that gave me your advices and supports when I needed it the most.

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