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Making a living off staking crypto, is it possible?

Making a living off staking crypto, is it possible?

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So currently for these past few months I've been DCA SOL and ALGO and staking some of it as a form of passive income. I was wondering if I kept investing money and staking my coins would eventually it be enough passive income to just live off of? I know with staking I'm sacrificing liquidity which is fine since I'm in it for the long run. But with a good APY and enough invested couldn't you just live off of it?

Might seem like a noob question but ever since I began investing I knew I wanted to grow my money but after a while of just constantly throwing money at it, it makes me question why I'm investing in the first place. I know I'm investing in crypto to grow my money and I'm in it for the long run. So that's why I'm kind of just lost as to what I'm aiming for here. Like at what point can I begin taking out some of my investments and converting to USD and start using it? If that makes sense.

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