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March 2023 Media Report


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With winter months in the rearview, March welcomed the start of seasonal warmth in a variety of forms. Between positive reviews, prestigious media coverage, high profile award wins, and timely thought leadership, it’s starting to feel like spring. 

CEX.IO received pickup coverage by The Associated Press, the oldest independent news outlet in the U.S., for both product and award announcements. John Werneke, CEX.IO’s Chief Product Officer, was quoted upon the release of our latest offering, Exchange Plus, highlighting some of the features that set the new platform apart. Later in March, CEX.IO was named “Best Overall DeFi Platform” by the FinTech Breakthrough Awards for the second year in a row, an event also covered by The AP. Our Founder and CEO, Oleksandr Lutskevych expressed gratitude for the recognition alongside FinTech Breakthrough’s Managing Director, who praised our hard work in creating such a positive user experience.

March also saw Alex return to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle for another spirited discussion on a current industry topic. With social media still fulfilling a central role in the crypto ecosystem, the conversation centered on what to avoid when sharing content across these platforms. Known for being regular sources of misinformation, Alex emphasized the importance of not contributing to this landscape by sharing false or misleading claims about products or services.

Our generative thought leadership continued in March when CEX.IO’s Head of Communications, Becky Sarwate, spoke with Web Mind about the recent uncertainty in the U.S. banking system. By establishing a throughline in the legality of incongruent policies, rising interest rates, and skittish investors, Becky illuminated the shared blame for last month’s turbulence.

Arina Dudko, Director, Head of Corporate Payment Solutions, had a piece published on HackerNoon that broke down the Markets in Crypto Assets legislation scheduled for a pending EU vote. MiCA, for short, will help establish a legal framework, industry guardrails, and check points for projects and traders. Drawing comparisons to the pre-regulation industrial era, Arina asserts that a more stable space would have long term benefits for participants at every stage of their crypto journey.

Lastly, Finder recognized CEX.IO as “Highly Commended” in the category of “Best Crypto Trading Platform – Beginners” in their 2023 Crypto Trading Platform Awards. Our ecosystem of intuitive, user-centric services is built on proven innovation and lasting excellence, and reinforces our reputation as a trusted crypto guide.

Explore our March media highlights via the links below.

Finder: Finder Crypto Trading Platform Awards 2023

In March, leading comparison outlet Finder recognized CEX.IO as “Highly Commended” in the category of “Best Crypto Trading Platform – Beginners” in their 2023 Crypto Trading Platform Awards. By offering an intuitive set of tools that encourage user empowerment, we let emerging traders feel comfortable to set the pace of their own discovery. We greatly appreciate the positive accolades, and welcome curious participants to explore our award-winning services.

View the award criteria and Finder’s complete methodology here.

AP News: CEX.IO Debuts Exchange Plus, the All-In-One Crypto Trading Platform Powered by Institutional-Grade Liquidity

On March 2, CEX.IO’s Chief Product Officer, John Werneke, was quoted by The Associated Press in the company’s announcement of Exchange Plus, the latest addition to our proprietary ecosystem. The all-in-one trading platform enables new order types, integrated “smart router” technology, and liquidity backed by our institutional arm, CEX.IO Prime, for a user-centric experience. In turn, John helped highlight just some of what sets this new platform apart.

“‘By holding user assets in 1:1 custody, and only putting company funds on the line, we’re well positioned to absorb the shock of any sudden turbulence,’ Werneke added. ‘Not only does this better insulate our community from risk, but it empowers our users to confidently engage with a wider array of potential pathways as they explore their crypto journey.’”

Cointelegraph: 10 important social media ‘don’ts’ for crypto and blockchain companies

On March 14, CEX.IO Founder and CEO, Oleksandr Lutskevych, joined the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle to discuss social media habits industry leaders should strive to avoid. Citing the prevalence of misinformation circulating on social media platforms, Alex cautioned companies against contributing to it further by over-promising on the capabilities of their products and services. Rather, such tools could be better served to amplify innovative solutions, or share credible crypto knowledge with their communities.

“Social media is often criticized for being a source of misinformation, and it’s important for crypto companies to avoid contributing to the problem by making inflated promises. Rather, leaders in the space should seek to mainstream new, forward-looking technologies without enticing participants with unrealistic yields. Traders have enough to focus on without needing to weed out financial fiction.”

Web Mind: The Crash of the Centralized Financial System: What Silvergate, Signature and Silicon Valley Bank Have in Common

On March 15, CEX.IO’s Head of Communications, Becky Sarwate, spoke with Web Mind to discuss the myriad factors behind the recent turbulence in the U.S. banking system. To help connect the dots on this string of events, Becky elaborated on how a combination of loose regulations, panicked investors, and aggressive monetary policy destabilized the market. With the situation still developing, understanding the root causes will be essential to charting a more thoughtful course forward.

“At the core, it was liquidity trouble (or the risk thereof) that caused these institutions to be closed by regulators. Too many depositors demanded cash at once, and these institutions couldn’t convert loans, securities (e.g., MSBs and bonds), and crypto to cash quickly enough to meet demand. In some cases, they were forced to realize losses on these assets to cover deposits.” 

AP News: CEX.IO Named ‘Best Overall DeFi Platform’ for Second Consecutive Year By FinTech Breakthrough Awards

On March 28, CEX.IO was once again picked up by the AP news. For the second consecutive year, CEX.IO was named “Best Overall DeFi Platform” at the FinTech Breakthrough Awards. The organization recognizes the best products, platforms, and people driving innovation in the digital asset space, and centered 2023’s honor on the release of our latest offering, Exchange Plus. Judges appreciated its intuitive features, and seamless interoperability within our trusted product ecosystem.

Read the full award details and complete list of recipients here.

“‘For our seventh annual program this year we had award nominations pour in from the best and brightest FinTech companies, and we’re ecstatic to finally share the good news and results of this year’s program,’ said James Johnson, Managing Director of FinTech Breakthrough. ‘Our goal is to deliver the most comprehensive analysis of the FinTech industry each year, and with over 4,000 nominations coming in from all over the globe, the evaluation was broad and extremely competitive for the 2023 program. After thorough review, scoring and analysis, we were confident that Exchange Plus met all our criteria for success.’”

HackerNoon: Will MiCA Slow Innovation, or Does Crypto Need a Tune-Up?

On March 30, Arina Dudko, Director, Head of Corporate Payment Solutions at CEX.IO, had a piece published on HackerNoon outlining the EU’s upcoming vote on Markets in Crypto Assets, or MiCA for short. From defining various types of assets, to creating checkpoints for projects at critical stages in their development, participants stand to see improved guardrails and much needed clarity. Arina argues that not only could this prevent future catastrophic events, but it has the potential to mollify some of the anxieties felt around transacting in the crypto space.

“A great way to conceptualize MiCA’s potential impacts on crypto is alongside the historical example of the Industrial Revolution. Despite being a period of explosive growth, this chapter was also marred by weak laws and standards that exposed communities to untold pain, disease, and suffering. Fast forward through countless workplace disasters and growing backlash against dangerous conditions, and regulators finally intervened. Today, building codes prioritize worker safety, and each industry has a tailored set of conditions to guide its contributions to society. These regulations add a much needed layer of protection to workers and the broader community, and often protect businesses from indulging in their more callus impulses. To this end, MiCA plans to provide similar processes to steer the crypto ecosystem toward embracing a higher caliber of service for all participants.”


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