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March 2024 Media Report


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Touched by both luck and madness, March is a month of extremes. Situated on the cusp of seasonal change with one foot rooted in winter, it’s where the cycle restarts, and the engine turns over. In a similar fashion, CEX.IO swung springward with generative shoots of thought leadership, added another accolade to the mantle, and was shortlisted for an award, dangling the promise of future glory.

Under the unpredictable circumstances afforded by such a month, one could walk away with considerably less, and still have cause to be thankful. Yet through hard work, and perhaps some cosmic benevolence, we managed a much sounder crossing. Regular readers have likely already intuited what’ll be joining our trophy cabinet, since its reliable cadence has come to serve as a guiding light on every voyage. We’re talking of course about praise from the one and only: Business Insider.

In their monthly sweep of the industry, CEX.IO was listed among the “Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges of March 2024,” for another round in the outlet’s spotlight. In lieu of their accustomed numerical rankings, this iteration centered the company’s “Cryptocurrency Selection” as a key advantage when choosing CEX.IO services. With the recent relaunch of our legacy trading platform as CEX.IO Spot Trading, we’ve continued to roll out new listings that respond to community demand. Without resting on our laurels, this is crucial information as we seek to identify other areas for refinement in the months ahead.

On the heels of Business Insider came the announcement that CEX.IO had been shortlisted for “Best Exchange of the Year,” by Hedgeweek’s Global Digital Assets Awards 2024. This thrilling development revealed our placement alongside fellow industry leaders in a contest settled democratically through a community vote. Participants will have until April 19, 2024 to make their voices heard for who they believe should take this title home. We encourage everyone to cast their ballots before the deadline to help ensure a strong showing.

In addition to avenues of positive recognition, two CEX.IO thought leaders had high-profile comments featured on Cointelegraph in March. The company’s Global MLRO and Head of Financial Crime, Mark Taylor, was the first to weigh in, offering insight into the prevalence of fraud in memecoin markets. With the largely unregulated space providing myriad opportunities for bad actors to exploit unsuspecting participants, Mark cautioned against flippant transactions, and rushing into poorly researched positions. Rather, his comments prioritized careful planning, and drove home the importance of prudent action whenever assessing potential opportunities.

Pursuing a similar line of thinking, CEX.IO’s Head of Communications, Becky Sarwate, helped retail participants prepare for Bitcoin’s upcoming halving event, by situating the current moment. With the recent catalysis of market sentiment, and unprecedented interest from large asset managers in the form of BTC exchange-traded funds (ETFs), retail enthusiasts could be feeling increased pressure to explore or increase their participation. Becky’s comments offered broader understanding of competing economic forces, and touted the advantage of defined exit strategies for traders considering greater market exposure. Even if crypto can feel like it teeters on madness, it’s best not to rely on luck.

Explore our March media highlights via the links below.

Business Insider: Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges of March 2024

The company received another piece of repeat recognition from Business Insider, who included CEX.IO among their monthly round-up of “Best” exchanges. For this edition, the outlet revamped its customary rating system in favor of superlatives that center noteworthy services, and highlighted our “Cryptocurrency Selection” as a defining feature.

Read the full review here.

Hedgeweek: CEX.IO Shortlisted by Global Digital Asset Awards 2024

CEX.IO has been shortlisted for “Best Exchange of the Year” by the Hedgeweek Global Digital Assets Awards 2024. We’re honored to be included among such esteemed industry colleagues, but only one can prevail in the end. To show your support for CEX.IO, cast your vote by Friday, April 19th, 2024 to help us bring this award home.

Cast your ballot here.

Cointelegraph: DeFi pump-and-dump schemes rake in millions, harm industry credibility

On March 7, CEX.IO’s Global MLRO and Head of Financial Crime, Mark Taylor, had comments published in Cointelegraph discussing the rise of pump-and-dump schemes in memecoin markets, and what precautions the industry could take to better protect participants. Acknowledging the attraction that many feel to the space as a pathway toward financial freedom, Mark reiterated that transacting in emerging markets requires constant vigilance to avoid potential pitfalls. Given the proliferation of incidents, and reports of dire experiences by victims, Mark advised memecoin traders and crypto-curious newcomers to behave as if scams were always around the corner.

“It’s crucial for leaders to understand that every instance of fraud or collusion is a blow to industry credibility. Participants who choose the digital economy to hold and transact value are often doing so to avoid the banking sector, which they view as an untrustworthy system.”

Cointelegraph: Bitcoin halving hype: How retail investors can prepare

On March 26, CEX.IO’s Head of Communications, Becky Sarwate, had comments published in Cointelegraph ahead of Bitcoin’s next halving event, expected in April. With enthusiasts and newcomers alike caught up in the excitement, Becky helped contextualize the road ahead, what users can expect, and whether to temper their expectations. Despite the ongoing market rally, and institutional backing in the form of BTC ETFs, Becky encouraged participants to strike a balance between bullish sentiment, and having a firm exit strategy.

“These structural bulwarks slow the trickle of BTC discovery and anchor its circulating capacity to avoid a glut in supply. As interest rates cool, traders and institutional investors will have more capital to deploy across speculative markets.”

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