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May 2023 Media Report


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When we last spoke, spring was newly awakened. Yet in the few short weeks that followed, the season unfurled a robust bloom of award recognition, positive media coverage, and generative thought leadership that overtook the hillsides. Between returning to the digital pages of familiar online outlets, and securing a new crop of industry awards, May saw CEX.IO receive flowers at every level for our best-in-class efforts.

The month started off strong with Business Insider including CEX.IO in its ranking for “Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges” in their May 2023 review. The momentum picked up considerably when CEX.IO then won a trio of awards across two reputable outlets. After being named “Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform” and “Most Secure Bitcoin and Crypto Exchange Platform” by World Business Outlook, CEX.IO was promptly recognized as “Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform” by Global Brands Magazine. But our award successes are only part of the landscape.

May also featured a series of high-profile bylines and media appearances across the Leadership Team. Our Founder and CEO, Oleksandr Lutstevych, made three trips to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle to discuss a variety of topics alongside fellow industry leaders. Between offering guidance on communicating scaling solutions to curious participants, addressing liquidity concerns, or evaluating Web3 partnerships, Alex encouraged a user-centric approach that prioritizes trust and accessibility.

In a two-part series for Finance Magnates, our Managing Director of Institutional Sales, Rich Evans, elaborated on how traditional finance can help demystify crypto for high-volume clients. And lastly, CEX.IO’s Head of Communications, Becky Sarwate, published a piece on HackerNoon sharing some of her hard-won wisdom for achieving clarity and curiosity when writing for crypto audiences.

Explore our May media highlights, award recognition, and thought leadership via the links below.

Business Insider: The Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges of May 2023

On May 1, Business Insider once again recognized CEX.IO as being among the “Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges” in their May 2023 review. Citing our broad selection of available listings, and accessible product ecosystem, the reputable outlet reaffirmed its 4.45/5 rating of our award-winning services.

Read the full review here.

Cointelegraph: 17 factors to consider when evaluating a potential Web3 partnership

On May 2, CEX.IO Founder and CEO, Oleksandr Lutskevych, returned to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle to discuss what companies should consider before establishing Web3 partnerships. While there’s persistent pressure in the crypto space for companies to stay ahead of consumer trends, Alex notes how otherwise healthy brands can suffer by integrating with a faulty partner.

“Too often, companies will rush to partner in the hopes of doubling their chances of success. However, industry leaders should remember that their company also inherits any potential shortcomings in these scenarios. That’s why it’s important to conduct a full quality assessment prior to integrating any new solution. Blowback from a poorly vetted partner can do more damage than market volatility.”

Finance Magnates: Institutional Crypto Needs Greater Trust. Prime Brokers Can Help

On May 4, CEX.IO’s Managing Director of Institutional Sales, Rich Evans, spoke with Finance Magnates to discuss how welcoming high-volume clients could help stabilize and demystify the digital asset space. After noting how this could boost both confidence and liquidity, Evans was quick to emphasize how such moves stand to be mutually beneficial for all participants of the digital economy.

“In addition to broadening the potential and reach of each industry, welcoming larger asset managers into the space would help demystify the ecosystem for other high-volume clients. As well as providing deeper wells of available liquidity, their presence would help correct some of the misunderstandings around the legitimacy of the digital asset space.”

Cointelegraph: 8 smart strategies for effectively explaining a blockchain scaling solution

On May 11, Alex made his second trip of the month to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle to discuss ways of explaining blockchain scaling solutions to less tech-savvy participants. By avoiding diagnostic explanations, Alex addressed the need to meet users halfway by drawing comparisons to existing systems. Whether through clever metaphors or analogies, users prefer to have the resources they need to arrive at their own conclusions.

“​​Crypto is layered with difficult jargon stemming from its position in both the technology and financial spaces. That’s why it’s crucial to find common ground with curious users looking to explore the space. Consider phenomena in the natural world, related stories or systems, or a clever analogy of your own creation. Ultimately, people find connections in larger narratives and arrive at their own entry points.”

HackerNoon: Worth Beyond Value: 4 Tips for Achieving Clarity and Curiosity in Crypto

On May 19, CEX.IO’s Head of Communications, Becky Sarwate, had a piece published on HackerNoon highlighting her accrued wisdom writing for both TradFi and DeFi audiences. By drawing comparisons to like systems, cutting confusion, and prioritizing the “why” of emerging solutions, Becky showcased her experience working across TradFi and DeFi to promote participant understanding.

“At a base level, leaders should prioritize providing clear explanations, and introducing new concepts piecemeal to help gradually focus the aperture of user understanding. In turn, participants who are better versed in how systems and services interact will enjoy greater literacy to parse signals from the noise. Given the overwhelming amount of data generated in the crypto space, the ability to differentiate between useful resources, and erroneous or potentially harmful ones can be invaluable to determining one’s overall success.”

World Business Outlook: World Business Outlook Awards 2023

On May 22, was recognized across two categories by the World Business Outlook Awards. After a tight nomination process, CEX.IO was named “Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform” and “Most Secure Bitcoin and Crypto Exchange Platform” by the outlet’s 2023 awards program.

View the complete list of winners here.

Cointelegraph: 8 ways crypto exchanges can help address liquidity concerns

On May 23, Alex returned once again to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle, this time to discuss ways crypto exchanges can mitigate liquidity concerns on their platforms. By building and retaining a reserve of vetted pairs, Alex highlighted how this essential infrastructure can encourage liquidity pools, and help ensure services remain viable when users need them most.&

“In an industry predicated on trust, it’s critical to provide access to products and services when users need them most. However, part of that infrastructure is building a reserve of vetted fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto pairs that ensure greater movement through the space. This helps encourage ample liquidity pools that, like a river powering a mill, keep the engines of an exchange running.”

Finance Magnates: FX-Like Funds Segregation Can Save Crypto Markets

On May 24, Finance Magnates published part two of their deep dive into the evolution of institutional crypto, and circled back with Rich for another pulse check on the space. Building off prior conversations in the series, Rich offers additional insight on what traditional markets can offer their decentralized counterparts, and vice versa.

“‘Though similarly decentralized and prone to volatility, the crypto ecosystem is conversely highly transparent relative to OTC markets through the constant production of on-chain data,’ adds Evans. ‘Coupled with crypto’s fast transaction times, it becomes clear that any attempt to force these markets into a pre-existing mold would only diminish these features and potentially weaken the space.’”

Global Brands Magazine: Brand Awards Winners 2023

On May 24, CEX.IO rounded out a productive month by slotting another third-party accolade, this time from the outlet, Global Brands Magazine. After several highpoints of recognition in May, CEX.IO was named “Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform” by the publication, adding another vector to the company’s overall monthly success.

View the complete list of winners here.

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