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May 2024 Media Report


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Historically, the slide toward summer reaches peak velocity once May is in the rearview. But failing to look beyond its service as a seasonal runway risks omitting the true wonder of spring. The realization that potential, when carefully nourished, can burst forth in full bloom. That sprouts winding through thawing soil, snowmelt-fed, can raise tendrils toward the rain. By comparison, last month was no exception. Announcements for the launch of CEX.IO’s newest product offering, and the publication of the Market Research Team’s latest industry report, both enjoyed high profile coverage. These achievements were the fruits of dedicated labor and ongoing collaboration with internal and outside partners. Just as in nature, success is often predicated on strong support networks.

To this end, the addition of CEX.IO Card to the company’s product ecosystem taps into Mastercard’s established payment rails to facilitate off-chain purchases with digital assets. Participants in the European Economic Area (EEA) can integrate our new crypto debit card via CEX.IO App to initiate transactions online and on-the-go, anywhere Mastercard payments are accepted. While CEX.IO recently celebrated 10 years of serving as a trusted bridge between traditional and decentralized finance, this expansion further solidifies this aim for EU-based users. For the first time, eligible CEX.IO users may apply their crypto holdings directly to acquire real-world goods and services through an all-in-one, improved, and intuitive mobile app interface. To help commemorate this milestone, CEX.IO Founder and CEO, Oleksandr Lutskevych, was quoted in Yahoo! Finance when the press release revealing this accomplishment was picked up by the outlet.

Between major company announcements, CEX.IO’s Head of Communications, Becky Sarwate, had the opportunity to share insights with Cointelegraph about Aave’s unfolding posture toward MakerDAO’s new stablecoin, DAI. This nuanced relationship combines the intricacies of tokenomics with a historical, risk-averse alignment away from repeating Terra/Luna-style black swan events. By taking the long view, her analysis struck a diplomatic chord, and acknowledged the difficult conditions each project created for the other. Ultimately, Becky highlighted how prioritizing the protection of participant value is paramount to fostering the trust necessary to avoid knee-jerk over-corrections, and side-step calamity. In turn, communities should better position themselves to adapt to change, and debate improvements from all angles before moving forward.

In a similar vein, Alex’s second appearance in Yahoo! Finance also encouraged restraint when news of the Market Research Team’s latest Q1 2024 COMPASS report hit the wire. Generative AI and Its Downstream Effects dedicates its entire focus to how emerging technologies are impacting the crypto space and beyond from a human-first perspective. Given the rampant ubiquity of large language models (LLMs), image generators, and various chatbot “personal assistant” solutions, the Team took a peek behind the curtain and assessed possible ramifications of broad integration. While the report itself pulls from numerous publicly available sources, subsequent reporting has continued to explore the environmental impacts, and performance gaps relative to industry expectations.&

As a veteran of the crypto space, Alex has seen many trends rise and fall in the interim. From this vantage point of earned wisdom, he called for sober considerations to avoid falling victim to claims buoyed by wishful thinking. Rather, participants and affected communities should be asking tough questions, and weighing all potential externalities before putting their faith in imagined futures.

Explore our May media highlights via the links below.

Business Insider: Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges of May 2024

The company graced the pixels of Business Insider after again landing among the outlet’s monthly assessment of “Best” crypto exchanges. Along with high marks for offering an intuitive product ecosystem, the review highlighted the ongoing success of the listings program for its robust menu of vetted markets.

Read the full review here.

Yahoo! Finance: CEX.IO Launches Mastercard-branded Crypto Debit Card

On May 2, the announcement heralding the official launch of CEX.IO’s crypto debit card was picked up by Yahoo! Finance. Optimized for Mastercard-enabled purchases, CEX.IO Card is available for EEA-based participants to make everyday payments with their crypto holdings, via CEX.IO App. The outlet quoted CEO and Founder, Oleksandr Lutskevych, who helped situate the release of Card alongside CEX.IO’s suite of crypto products and services.

“‘We want the crypto landscape to be welcoming to newcomers and experienced users alike. That’s why we created the CEX.IO Card – our most intuitive solution yet for bridging the gap between the familiar world of traditional finance, and the exciting potential of decentralized finance.’”

Cointelegraph: MakerDAO and Aave’s DeFi conflict reopens over DAI’s perceived risk growth

On May 13, CEX.IO’s Head of Communications, Becky Sarwate, spoke with Cointelegraph about Aave’s adjusted loan-to-value requirements for MakerDAO’s stablecoin, DAI. Offering both contemporary and historical analysis, Becky unpacked Aave’s evolving posture, and how MakerDAO’s recent commitments to Ethena’s USDe stablecoin could be raising concerns.

“‘In many ways, Aave was put in a very difficult position, as on the one hand MakerDAO extended DAI’s line of credit from 100 million to a possible short-term ceiling of 1 billion tokens, which introduces significant risk.’ She added that this risk was compounded by the organization’s decision to put some of the newly minted DAI into Ethena’s synthetic dollar USDe. This algorithmic stablecoin has sparked skepticism in the market as it aims to replicate a common hedge fund strategy.”

Yahoo! FInance: CEX.IO’s Q1 2024 Industry Report Examines AI’s Impacts on the Crypto Ecosystem and Beyond

On May 16, Yahoo! Finance picked up the announcement of CEX.IO’s Q1 2024 industry report, the latest installment of the company’s market research series, COMPASS. Generative AI and Its Downstream Effects examines how emerging technologies are impacting crypto from a human-first perspective and careful historical analysis. For Alex’s second appearance on the outlet this month, he highlighted the report’s attention to macro-level concerns that could result from wide scale implementation.

“The advent of crypto in the global transacting landscape opened the floodgates to new dimensions of innovation and advancement, but it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. Rather, sober trial and error proved essential to identifying the right course of action. As with any new technology, it’s incumbent on all users to determine how AI’s success is defined, and which parties stand to gain, and lose, through its implementation.”

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