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Missed memo on withdrawal/deposit. Help

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I already asked this in the Kucoin sub and got someone just telling me it's all my fault and I'm an idiot, so hopefully not too many of you feel the need here, but whatever. I'm looking for actual advice in case someone has resolved the same issue.

I sent tokens from SWYFTX to KUCOIN but I forgot to add the memo. Shit.

So they were sent, but can't be allocated to my wallet on Kucoin. I contacted Kucoin and they have a help page on that. It says, no problem, just fill in this form, pay us 40USDT and we'll send it back to where it came from.

I thought the fee was a bit gratuitous but ok, it's worth it, so that's what I did. Filled out the form which just asked for the token name, the amount and the original Tx ID. Paid the fee. Done

Kucoin sent it back to SWYFTX, but (this is the bit I can't fathom) because THERE WAS NO MEMO, SWYFTX CAN'T CREDIT IT BACK TO MY WALLET EITHER!

I've been talking to the SWYFTX and Kucoin chats. SWYFTX can't really do much as it's not their issue, but they're at least helpful. Kucoin are f*cking horrendous and I just get the same reply over and over again from a different person. I'm getting off that platform as soon as I can, I usually use cold storage anyway, I just had a bit staked there.

I just don't understand what the point of Kucoin charging me a fee to return the deposit, if it wasn't going to work? Surely they would have known that? Surely the whole point of them having a help page on "what to do if you forget to add the memo" and having a dedicated form and a fee to pay, would be that the solution would actually work?

Has anyone had this problem before and knows how to resolve it? I read someone say that Binance was able to recover in a similar situation?

At the very least I'd expect Kucoin to refund me my 40USDT because they did nothing useful.


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