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Moons earn more than jobs in Third World countries

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I posted this earlier as a “self story” so it was removed, so instead, here's a more thought out analysis, with justified personal opinions in the end.

As do some here, I live In a Third World Country. The one I'm in is in multiple crises, including being the number one country with the most inflation. Of course, the prices went up, but salaries did not.

I doubt there's a set minimum wage, but a lot of people, including me, are getting paid a $200 monthly wage, or about $9-10 per day. This is especially for people in university or can't find a proper job because of the lack of jobs.

So how does moons play into this? You earn moons from your post and comment upvotes and their net karma per month, which is multiplied by roughly 0.8 for the rate. So if you accumulated 1000 karma, you multiply that by 0.8 (or whatever the rate is) and you get the estimated amount of moons you will earn.

For example, I accumulated enough karma to get around about $100 or more worth of moons in the next distribution.

Now here's the fun part: Continuing the example, I spent no more than a total of 3 hours per day on this sub, which means I'm (or anyone is) going to get half of a job's wage with less than half of the time spent. For reference, these $200 jobs are 7 hours per day with potential unpaid overtime.

So if I were to be more of an active commenter (which I was not), Or anyone basically turned this into their full time 7-hour job, they can make a wage higher than that of a job. And if you consider time spent alone, i personally, as did many others, already DID do more than the jobs' salaries.

I think it would be great if there were more cryptos getting distributed with rates similar to moons. This would not only help many people in Third World countries, but also might force employers to raise pays.

I understand moons are not considered to have real value, and that you lose bonuses if you withdraw more than 25% per distribution. But I see this as a big loss of praise Reddit would get if they were to roll back these limits. Helping people in need by having one way to make money that isn't hard in addition to their already hard lives, would be an amazing and praised feat. (edit: I understand the 25% purpose now)

edit: I'm getting ~$170 in moons, this is pretty much an entire wage, lol.

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