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Moons Update - The Return of Moons Flairs

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The Return of Moons Flairs

About a month ago, the admins discontinued their involvement in Moons, which resulted in the removal of the native implementation of many features such as Moons flairs and memberships. Fortunately, Moons are on the blockchain and we can bring these features back.

Today we begin that journey with the return of Moons flairs. Once you post or comment, you will be assigned a user flair reflecting your balance, earned moons, and a sea creature emoji indicating your balance tier ala our beloved ccmoons.

For more information about Moons and their current state, please see our wiki page here and our most recent post about the contract and admin burn here.


There are several ways in which this flair implementation is superior to what reddit gave us.

  • Your earned_moons amount will now reflect moons earned on previous addresses. If you changed your vault or address for any reason, you lost your earned_moons amount and governance weight.
  • You can hide your balance flair. By far our most requested feature, this option is now available to you via DM command to MoonsModBot. Please note, some subreddits may disable this option. For example, Moons stats may well inform where somebody is coming from on r/CryptoCurrencyMeta so it may not allow flair opt-outs.
  • User flairs are compatible with old.reddit. Our 4% of users (and most mods) using old reddit will rejoice. Unfortunately the Moons icon is not compatible with old.reddit still.
  • u/MoonsModBot allows for more datapoints and templates. As you can see here, subreddit mods can choose several kinds of information and formats display on their subreddit.
  • Compatibility with other subreddits. This one isn't technically new, but the same bot does now run all those flair systems and maintain feature parity between them. MoonsModBot is live on:

Future Enhancement Goals

  • New address support
  • Memberships
  • Real-time flair updates
  • Post-sunset earnings (Currently this would only be earnings from TMD since distributions are suspended)
  • Liquidity Pool stats

Technical Details

Your earned moons are based on addresses associated with your username in any of the Moons distributions, including during the testnet days. Your balance is based on the last address associated with your account in a Moons distribution. Earned moons and addresses currently only reflect data up until the sunset happened, like a snapshot, but a future update will support new addresses and earnings. Custom flairs will be overwritten but should return if we can work out memberships. Please let me know if your flair looks inaccurate.

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