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My first crypto transfer mistake :(

My first crypto transfer mistake :(


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Alright peeps, the day has come. I wasn’t fully paying attention and I’m pretty sure I screwed myself over!

I was transferring Trubit protocol (TRU) from metamask to the (Truefi) TRU on binance. I swear I’m not crazy but I could of swore they were the same, I don’t know if the logos were the same at one point…. anyways. Metamask confirmed the transaction and my binance account has not been filled…. Wasn’t an insane amount money but I was suppose to go out and now I’m not going out…. :( I’m devastated

I filled some application report on binance. Says it will take about 3 days to complete…..

Did I fuck up ? Or should I have some hope !

I was thinking biannce as an entity would just store my truebit protocol and then just give me the truefi in exchange…. To keep the customer happy ???????? i don’t know prayers up, have an amazing day everyone. Double check your shit and don’t get too horny when transferring funds

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