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my SHIB holdings were transfered without my permission into a wallet I dont know

my SHIB holdings were transfered without my permission into a wallet I dont know


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today something happened what nobody can explain.

Short backround story - I married couple of weeks ago, so I wanted to change my last name on various exchanges. On every exchange everything went absolutely smoothles, except on Binance. After a lot of time in the live support, they provided me a link, that I can verify myself again (new). Everything worked out, except the facial recognistion stuff on the mobile APP - I tried it many times until I got the message "too many failed attempts - you can try it again in 24 hours. Because of that I contacted the support again, but they also told me "wait 24 hours and try it again".

Anyway. While I was already really pissed by this thing .. I wanted to check my SHIB INU holdings on binance, since I wanted to transfer them over into my wallet, but didnt have time so far. As I clicked on my wallet .. my holdings were gone. I refreshed the page .. my holdings were gone. I couldnt believe my eyes. My xxxM amount of SHIB were gone. I instantly contacted the support again. After they forwarded me to another agent, they told me this transaction was approved by myself via SMS, MAIL and Google Auth. - I said "wtf?". I told them I was busy doing the name appeal thing and wasnt sending any of my holdings. After a 2 hour talk they told me that I need to go to the police station. The police should file the issue and need to get in contact with the binance team again.

Long Story short - while I tried to change my last name on binance my xxxM SHIB holdings were transfered to another wallet, without my permission, neither I approved that transaction.

Please convince yourself.

This is the wallet where my shibs are and I dont have access to it, neither I know how they could get transferes and Binance refuses me to help.

Attached you will find also the transfer - again it got transfered without my permission but Binance told me "its approved" .. yeah approved by whom ??

I dont think I will ever get my SHIBS back - they are doomed in some strangers wallet.

Just a friendly reminder - thank you BINANCE for nothing and to all the others crypto enthusiats - send all you got to your wallets.

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