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Next week could be the best ever week for Redditors here. It also shows the potential of web 3.0 to reward participants by taking control away from greedy corporates

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Next week, active members of cc/sub have a chance to qualify for 2 big drops.

It's like 2 paydays back to back! Mark your calenders if you haven't already.

On Wednesday, 22 March: It's the Moon Distribution Day, Babeh!

On Thursday, 23 March : Arbitrum goes live. Anyone who has previously has previously interacted with the Arbitrum Nova network (the native blockchain to our beloved Moons), before February is likely eligible for the ARB distribution.

It's like a threesome payday for me in the next week, with fiat mining payday coming as well. Heck, I might even upgrade my daily instant Ramen to a medium-rare steak for once!

But, there is a bigger point to make here - and it's the potential of how decentralisation and Web 3.0 can reward the ordinary man on the street who participates.

Those who participated in cc/sub, making comments and posts got rewarded with moon distribution. This is arguably Reddit's main way they have gave back to its participants. Imagine if someone like Zucker decided to launch their shitty Libra coin? Think there's any chance of US, the users being rewarded? Nah, it'll just be a cash grab by Zucker.

Second, the Arbitrum drop only happened because THEY also decided to reward the USERS in the ecosystem. Arbitrum also decided to be decentralised, put decision-making in a DAO and the founders renounced control of the token. Look at VC-infested coins like Solana. Did users get anything when they launched - NO, it was the VCs who profited from distribution and dumped on the retail afterwards.

A web 3.0 future, where USERS are the ones who get Rewarded for their participation, and not greedy corporates or their buddies is the ideal vision for all of us. Kudos to Reddit and Arbitrum for showing the way, and hopefully more will follow suit in the future.

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